Honda GX25/GX35/GXH50 Owners Manual

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    in PDF form.

    These are similar to GX22/GX31 engines.

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    Shop/Service Manual for GX25?

    Hi, loquin.

    Thanks for supplying the Owner's Manual for the GX25. Any chance of getting hold of the Shop Manual in PDF form? If need be I will purchase it, but thought I'd first ask if anyone had a copy available.

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    Parts Manual for GX 25

    Hi Guys,
    I see the user manual has been posted but does anyone have a parts manual for the GX 25 honda motor (vertical type)?

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    I believe the same engine is run either horizontally, or vertically. (The gas tank fill neck is at a different angle for the 'tiller' model, and the throttle lever may be different.)

    The Honda site doesn't have the parts manual listed for this engine any more. (It also looks like Honda has renamed, moved, or pulled the parts list for the CXH50 at their site, btw - I couldn't find it when I searched for it at their site...)

    The manual you probably need is the shop manual for that engine. It's available for purchase at Honda's site.
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    Thanks Lou.