Honda GX35 - Mounted Fuel Cap Up

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by bmg50cal, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. bmg50cal

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    Trying to fill the tank with it mounted in the "upright" position does not make it easy to get the tank full. Getting a full tank would mean fewer stops to fill up on long rides, at least until I mount an auxiliary tank.

    I'm looking for thoughts on mounting the GX35 in the same orientation that I see a some 2-stroke engines mounted with the fuel cap up. This would make filling the tank much easier, it wouldn't effect oiling the engine since I take it off the mount for that process anyway.

    Honda does claim operation in any position.
    I think I will try it out in the rotated position just to check for function, but I'd still appreciate any valid input on the subject.

    For example: a Tanaka PF-3300 mounted vertically.

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  2. lowracer

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    I've got & had Tanaka & Mitsubishi engines mounted both ways. For some reason unknown to me, they all run better mounted normal style (level mounting with gas tank underneath).
  3. Old Bob

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    Its not a claim, its fact.
  4. bmg50cal

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    I won't get into linguistical semantics or philosophy, but "seeing is believing."

    Another advantage to mounting it the GX35 on its side; the muffler is a little further and directed away from the rider. It should be a little quieter in that orientation.
  5. Old Bob

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    The same engine oiling system is used in vertical crankshaft applications.As a user of these engines since they were introduced I can say its a fact without reservation.

    But you need to see it for yourself, so buy a Robin/Subaru and lean it over 90 degrees, then do the same with a GX35, See which one burns up first.
  6. bmg50cal

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    I didn't want a Robin/Subaru, if anything else I would have gone with a 2-stroke, namely a Tanaka PF-4000, but I want a quiet bike for now. ;)

    Are there any cons to running the GX35 in this position?
  7. darwin

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    These engines were designed for weed whackers and such, gx35 especially. They need oil lubrication in any position, that's why 2strokers were the main till EPA started saying 2 strokes are bad.
  8. darwin

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    Honda GX35cc motor is a great mab motor, for 35cc its the best bang for the buck [4stroke].
  9. bmg50cal

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    After having made a few runs with the motor rotated 90 degrees, the tank does more easily fill, but my motors tank fuel pickup line does not reach the bottom of the tank in this orientation and it sucks dry with about an 1/8 of a tank still sitting in the bottom. It would seem that the only advantage of rotating the GX35 would to be to direct the muffler down/away as it is quite a bit softer sounding that way.

    I plan to mount a 1 gallon tank or fuel can to the crank side of the motor mount, so I can make longer runs with fewer stops and the motor is going to return to the upright position. Now to come up with an secure, easy and economical way to mount the larger fuel tank.