Honda GX35 Servo Control - tips/tricks?

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    Hello everyone;

    My work in progress is a BikeE2 Recumbent tandem with a Honda GX35 in the back. I have a NuVinci Developers kit for a rear hub, and a Staton inside drive. I have a nice, low, tight mount for the engine/drive, and a good hookup to the rear wheel. I can pedal, shift the front derailleur, motor, or combo. The Nuvinvi shifts automatically either way, so I am semi-automatic even when pedaling. I am gearing for hills, and in spite of the small motor I believe I can climb a ~16% grade (engine power only) with 2 aboard, and go 20-22 mph. The 20" rear wheel is a big help in that respect.

    My problem is with my throttle cable. By the time I go from my twist grip at the end of my longer handle bars, to the engine, it's almost 10'. So, in spite of the Staton 100" throttle cable, 2 10" extensions, adjustments, graphite, extra throttle springs etc., I still have too much cable friction.

    RC modellers use this engine, so does anyone have tips or tricks for a servo with a wired connection to my twist grip? I have 12 volts available, and I could have 6 volts + 6 volts as well. I have a charging system, so using one 6 volt battery more than another (even if they were in series) would be possible. I will finish my rounds of the RC model shops tomorrow. Amazing how many of those folks know little about the innards of their products!

    Thanks all, in advance;

    Bob Davis

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    There have been threads on here before about using a servo as a remote throttle, but those threads never lead to any significance.

    You may be well suited to find an RC forum with "gas powered airplanes" to find some expertise or answers to the question at hand
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    I agree...

    I found some of those threads myself. I will take your advice, but still hold out hope for some tips here. Plenty of thoughtful folks seem to watch and post on this forum.

    Many thanks;

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    By all means Bob, stick around and have some fun with us!

    Post some pics of that bike you have and share some ideas with us, there is an interest in tandems mb's as well by more then a few of us here!