Honda GX35 vs Robin-Subaru EHO35

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by JunkyardDog, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. JunkyardDog

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    I intend to build a very simple motored bike using the BMP kit, and one or the other of these engines. I have a good solid bike, an early '90s Trek Antelope 800 with a cromoly frame, which has been stripped down, converted into a single speed, with a wide cushy seat and higher bars. It has the stock Araya wheels and street tires. This bike was powered by an Island Hoppers Viper kit, using the Tecumseh TCII engine. The engine recently self destructed, and the mounting hardware won't work with either of those engines because of the clutch size. I DO NOT want another 2 stroke engine, I've had 3 of them seize up on me recently, one was on a brand new $3000 Genuine Stella scooter with under 400 miles.

    Anyway, back to engines, I would appreciate as many opinions as possible, I have already ordered the BMP kit, and am currently refurbishing/repainting the bike. Thanks, Jerry.

  2. Whizzerd

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    I've built seven F/D's, 6 of them BMP. Titan 35 & 50,two w/ R/S EHO 35, Honda GXH 35, Misubishi TLE 33, and 49 cc Chinese Mit clone. If you want jewel like running, I like the R/S. More power, the Titan 50. The R/S is a better machine IMO. The Mitsi 33 only has about 25 miles on it so I can only say it handles nicely. Quiet and low vibration. Hope this helps. BTW, not one single problem w/ any part on the BMP units.
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    i dont understand your problem with 2 strokes...

    get the robin subaru
  4. JunkyardDog

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    I don't have a problem with 2 strokes, or at Least I didn't until recently. I have loved 2 strokes all my life. But, not very long ago, my '79 Yamaha YZ250 seized up on me, for no apparent reason, premixed at 40:1, all jets clean, no air leaks, proper A/F mixture, completely destroyed the top end, and I cannot find another one anywhere. Then my Tecumseh TCII seized up on me, and broke a ring, again for no apparent reason. Then the 2 stroke engine in my brand new Genuine Stella scooter seized up on me, with less than 400 miles on it. This was an oil injected motor. It was repaired under warranty, but I am now afraid to trust it to go very far from home with. My Yamaha Vino 125 4 stroke scooter has 14,000 completely trouble free miles on it, most of them at WOT, and still runs like new, and the compression is within spec for a new engine.

    I have ridden 2 stroke motorized bicycles, mopeds, and dirt bikes all my life without any problems, other than with some of the mopeds that were seriously modded for more speed, but you have to expect that.

    All 3 of the 2 strokes that blew up on me recently were stone stock and running fine.
    The other problem I have with a 2 stroke engine on a bicycle is that I now live in town, and 2 strokes are noisy. the Tecumseh could be heard a mile away, I had to wear earplugs to ride it, and it attracted all kinds of unwanted attention. I want a bicycle engine that will just purr along without causing any issues because of the noise. Not only does the noise irritate everybody, but it tells everybody that you are riding a motorized bicycle, something else you don't want to do around here. Where I live, motorized bicycles are legal, but hated by almost everyone, especially the spandex crowd, and there are tens of thousands of those in my area. They can't stand the idea that we are allowed to ride in the bike lanes with them, and cagers hate us because when traffic is backed up for over a mile, we can just ride right by them in the bike lane, and not even have to pedal.

    Roland Bosma from Spooky Tooth Cycles helped get the law passed in AZ making motorized bicycles legal, and I thank him for that, but they are still hated by almost everyone. I have been run off the road, called every name in the book and then some, and had all kinds of things thrown at me, including glass bottles. It's gotten so bad I've started wearing a helmet and shoulder pads. Jerry.
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    two strokes have to have a varied throttle. When you close the throttle and open it back up it oils the various moving parts and the rings.

    If you have run your 2 strokes at wot for long periods this could explain your problems.

    Just my opinion (which I am often told means squat) but... I like 4 strokes because they are almost always configured in ohv and have a dedicated lubrication system.
  6. JunkyardDog

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    You are correct about needing to close the throttle once in a while on 2 strokes, but I have no idea what the reason is. Nothing I have ever heard, or thought of myself, seems to make sense. I learned 40 years ago that if you held the throttle open on a 2 stroke motorcycle to long, it would seize. It seemed as though the mixture would lean out after a long time at or near full throttle. On a motorcycle, pulling in the clutch and revving the engine every 5 miles or so seemed to solve the problem, whatever caused it.

    On the other hand, there is still that single exception that messes everything up. While I have noticed this situation with several 2 stroke engines, it has never happened to me with a stock Tomos 2 stroke moped engine. As I stated before, I have over 20,000 miles on just one of those engines, never released the throttle, and never had a seizure. I'm just going to leave this one as an unexplained mystery, and not worry about it.

    I mainly want the 4 stroke for quietness, and because I don't need to go fast. 20 mph on a level road is good enough for me, that's the speed limit for motorized bicycles anyway. Jerry.
  7. give me vtec

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    if it helps I run eho35's. I haven't had a problem with any of the four I own... one of them gets beaten up by my nephew and his neighbor friends daily. One I ran w/out oil for the first couple of times.

    All of them still start the second pull every time and run until you turn them off.

    I have a gxh50 and sick bikes kit for my red Barron but still haven't started it up. No need to get another one going.

    If you decide to go honda I would consider selling it.
  8. Whizzerd

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    Talk about your bad luck JD! Have you switched to a different 2 cycle oil recently?
  9. Robin or Honda 33.5cc engines? Both are well made high quality engines that with just a little care, like changing very good oil frequently, should last you years of hard work. You can't go wrong with either.
  10. lowracer

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    I got the Robin & love it. From what I've heard, the Robin needs to be mounted somewhat level where the Honda can be mounted in any position. I got a BMP kit too & its awesome. I converted mine to Vbelt drive from the Friction, but could always switch it back should the itch arise.
  11. bikeswithmotors

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    robin eh035 pricing

    Do you guys know where I can buy EH 035 Subaru Robin for a decent price? Please advise.
  12. andrewflores17

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    dont know why but the subarus jumped in price quite drascticaly i would advise getting their little red clone the honda 35 i have one and for its size its quite powerfull and queit.

    the price increase got so bad golden eagle stoped selling them with thier 4 stroke kits and went to the lil old hondas
  13. grinningremlin

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    An EH035 at a reasonable price?When gas goes below $2 a gal, or h.e.l.l. freezes over, pigs flying,... something like that.Your best bet is used here, or ebay.I doubt the demand will ever get them back to the below $350 price point.Good luck.
  14. darwin

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    Buy a Honda gx35 or that HS 37cc from gasbike.
  15. LR Jerry

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    I've got the Robin Subaru EHO 35 it works great. However I did get mine before the price went way up. I do plan to upgrade to my state's ( Tennessee ) legal 50 cc limit. Therefore I'll be getting the Honda GXH 50.
  16. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Correction, Livefastmotors has the HS 37cc 4stroke not gasbike.
  17. rawly old

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    You can go with the Gx50 if you must but they're really not
    engineered for a bike. You'd have to disable the oil sensor &
    governor. If for any reason you'd have to lay it down you'd get
    a carb full of oil. I'm not knocking the engine;it's well made
    and reliable, but for a bike going up from an EHO 35 or a GX35,
    The Tanaka PF4000 40cc makes more power, is lighter, and
    can run at much higher rpm. EPA and CARB approved, it's
    a little louder, but just as reliable with a great warranty.
    Yeah, it's a 2 stroke, but out out performs the honda GX50.
    I've done both. If you're lookin to upgrade the Tanaka will not
    disappoint you.
    P.S. I still love my little GX35 on my other bike.
  18. bikeswithmotors

    bikeswithmotors New Member

    Thanks. I did get a a Honda 35cc. works good. Thank you, visit my website, let me know what you think? I have had this for over 20 years, and I just brought it out from my storage. Still, I believe the best friction motorized kit around. Please advise.