Honda GX35cc

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    After selling the BUZZ SAW tanaka40 i've been cruising around on the honda for a couple of weeks now and am very pleased. This motor is every bit the equal of the robin35 and is quiet. Just like a swiss watch this thing is built and 1 pull your off and running. Its limited in power and speed like any 30ish cc motor but at $225 its a bargain. One thing I have noticed this thing sips fuel, going the same distance with the robin would use half a 96oz tank and the honda only uses a 1/4. I would recommend this motor anytime. Only drawback is draining the oil, it needs to be drained out the fill hole. Crazy not to put a drain on the bottom of the reservoir but its easy to just stand the bike up on the back wheel then drain it.

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    I keep a little plastic cup with a line drawn on it for the proper amount of oil when refilling - which, of course, requires tipping the bike the other way to pour it in.
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    Pep-boys and NAPA sell a hand suction pump that looks like a giant cake-decorator your Mom used. It is made to fill/drain differentials in construction vehicles where you cannot get to the drain plug. It uses a 3/8" ID gas proof hose and will suck the hub cap off of a '55 Ford with one pull of the handle.
    I've been using mine for many years to change oil on my engines where draining will cause a huge mess or you cannot get to the plug for what ever reason. If you cut the end of the hose at a 60 degree angle, you can remove the oil below the drain/fill port! You actually remove more oil than if you just tipped the engine over to drain. I also found it will remove the old gunk form years of use that has turned to sludge in the bottom of the crank-case. ( used engine buyers take note)
    My two cents.