Honda GX50 Engines

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by s_beaudry, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. s_beaudry

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    I think I have read a few posts here that said the GX50's are very quiet....

    Anyone here that can confirm this as opposed to any other 4 stroke engines?

  2. Irish John

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    They aren't that quiet but they aren't noisy either. Don't drill extra holes in the silencer and it will sound quieter. The quietest engine I know of is the Sachs 2-stroke that goes on the rear axle but it's slow and gutless.
    The Honda is not noisy and if you wanted to keep it really quiet you could leave the standard stock exhaust on it. That is the exhaust it comes with which the rear-mounties probably leave on the engine but the frame-mounties substitute with a kit exhaust. This will make it very quiet.
    The Honda is a bit quieter than the Huasheng Honda copy because the valves & rocker make less of a rattle but they still make a bit of a rattle.
    Hope this helps you.
  3. HoughMade

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    Agree 100 percent. With the stock exhaust, it is quieter than the pipe for a frame mount...but it's not anything approaching silent. It is quieter than a 2 stroke frame mount (or the sound quality makes it perceived as quieter). That being said, I can have a conversation with someone in a roughly normal speaking voice (not a raised voice), when I am sitting on the saddle and the engine is at idle.

    One thing I did was coat the inside of the engine cover with silicone sealant and filled in some of the hollows inside the cover with silicone to try to block some sound. I will have to let you know how that works because i have not run it yet. Oddly, having done that, I have drilled a hole in the muffler.
  4. Irish John

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    HoughMade for your bike to sound authentic I think it needs a few rattles and a good thumper sound. It must be nearly ready for its photo shoot by now.
    When I first got my Honda engine I carried it into the kitchen in a shopping bag and when my lady asked what was in the bag I put my hand in and pulled the starter rope and it started first tug. It was the stock engine and the shop had put oil in it and a bit of petrol to test it before they sold me it. It was so quiet that nobody could believe it was a bike engine. I put my hand in the bag and pulled the governor thingy to rev it and it sounded so beautifully sweet and quiet. I walked around the house with the shopping bag and the motor purring away inside it and it hardly even made a smell. I love my Honda engine so much I've just ordered another two.
  5. HoughMade

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    I wish- been busy lately- dang law practice keeps getting in the way of the important stuff.

    All ready to assemble, though- hopefully on Saturday.
  6. Hushing the Hua Sheng

    HoughMade - I'm eager to find out how your quieting works. My Hua Sheng / Hoot is loud to the point that after a 20 mile ride last weekend my ears were ringing. I didn't realize it until after I got off. I'm loath to ride with ear plugs, and don't want to rattle the neighbors either. Since then I've tried adding an ATV muffler on the end of the stock muffler (on-the-rack test) and discovered that the vast majority of the noise at running revs comes from the engine itself. On the way home tonight I was musing about adding a sound-dampened engine cowling, perhaps made from a mini-cooler or a plastic wastebasket lined with closed-cell camping pad. This thought triggered by the Honda "super-quiet" generators that are in boxes, so clearly you can enclose them to a great degree and not have them burn up. So...I await your results.
  7. Irish John

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    Vishnu, I really think that buying yourself & your neighbours pink earmuffs would be a better aesthetic solution than having your engine encased in a styrofoam sarcophagus. If I was a bit more flush I'd send you a Honda and Grubee GB rather than see you take the road you describe.
  8. Oooooh, it hoits, it hoits! If/when I get it done then you can judge the final product. Certainly many beautiful machines have engine cowlings.
  9. Irish John

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    didn't mean to hurt and maybe there is indeed a way to encase the motor aesthetically but it seems like a very extreme action compared to the cost of a nice quiet Honda. Another extreme solution might be to exceed the speed of sound!