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    I'm a newbie to MBs and have been browsing this forum for some time looking at various MB configurations trying to decide what set up to try for my first build. I think that I have settled on a push trailer but I have a few questions that I would like to ask.

    1. I'm not looking to go faster than 30mph. Would the Honda GX50 be sufficient to cruise on the flats at that speed with a push trailer design?

    2. If so, what size wheel should I use?

    3. What front & rear sprocket sizes should I consider for your recommended wheel size?

    Looking forward to your input, Bill

    BTW, The various push trailer designs that I have seen on this forum look awesome! I just don't think that I'm up for some of these monster sized engines and speeds but maybe someday!

  2. This is what sensationpdx said about his GX50 pusher trailer.

    " Hey Doc,
    Nope ... not much bogging... I may even swap out a gear on the jackshaft and try to squeak out more top end. With the 10-1 ratio I am running now, I am at 27MPH and 30MPH if I peddle a bit. I wouldnt really want more than 35MPH... I think....LOL "

    put "sensationpdx" in search & read his posts. He answers all your questions if I recall correctly.
    Remember his 10 to 1 ratio works with his particualar wheel size. He lists that info somewhere.

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    It looks like from other posts that a 10" wheel size is popular. If I assume a cruising rpm of 5500, a 10" wheel, and a 10:1 ratio, the gear ratio calculator comes up with 16.4mph. It seems that an overall 6:1 ratio would bring me closer to my goal with that wheel size.

    I searched "sensationpdx" posts and could not find any more particulars other than he was successful with his combination with the GX50 at attaining a cruising speed I desire. Thanks for pointing out his post.

    What are the wheel sizes and gear ratios that some of you are using?
  5. You got 16.4 because you entered 10 for the diameter of your wheel. That's only the dia. of the rim. The tire diameter is what's relevant. The calculator has a little warning about that but isn't clear. It should say 'tire' rather than 'wheel'. The tires often double the diameter of those little wheels. If you do the calculations yourself it's more accurate to measure the circumference of your tire. On some tires, they should be inflated properly to get an accurate measurement.
    Sorry, I thought s'pdx had more description. We corresponded a lot about his machine and I was remembering that.

    Hopefully someone here can tell you the measurement. I don't have one. A 10' tire can have different diameter tires too, so you may need to wait til you have your own. Someone can get you close for now.

    Here's a calculator with good educational material included.
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