Honda GXH 50 FD kit Clutch lever/cable problem

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    Hello MBer's,

    I decided on installing a new honda gxh50 fd kit onto my old bike for a dummy run before eventually fitting onto a new 28 speed mountain bike ofwhich i'll be purchasing next month.

    Now to my problem.

    On fitting the honda + friction drive unit onto the bike i have just spent the best part of a couple of hours trying without any luck to install the clutch lever cable onto the a Honda GXH 50. The plastic clutch lever that came with the kit snapped in two when i thought i'd finished the build after pulling (engine not running) the lever for testing. Therefore i've set about fitting an old clutch lever i have from another kit but for some reason when turning the lever handle and releasing the lever it remains locked without returning back into it's normal idling position. I'm at a loss as to what the problem could be given i've never had such problems before when fitting onto Chinese 2 stroke engines.

    Are any MB members able to suggest what my next move should be as although i'm sure it's only a very small trivial problem i'm at a loss on how best to resolve it.

    Cheers for any help or advice which'll be much appreciated.

    Let's all enjoy MB riding

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    Admin's can supprime this thread as i've since found the thread i'm looking for concerning the above problem elsewhere on and have since discovered it's not a clutch problem but infact a throttle one. I'll be using the original thread for my questions and hopefully members replies if needed.