Honda gxh 50 motor and grebee 4g tbelt transmission for sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Ryan the tall guy, Jun 22, 2016.

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    Got a Honda gxh 50 motor and grubee 4g t belt transmission for sale. Both are attached to each other already. Only 25 hours on motor. Will throw in extra clutch, belt and kill switch. Also comes with twist throttle. I also have the SBP 4 stroke shift kit if you would like that too. The shift kit needs new bearings on the back as well as a new 5/8 shaft on back (about 15 bucks) The back part of the shift kit is a little bent too (getting the bearings off required a little bending) Asking 700 bucks for all. all together just under 1000 dollar value plus most of it is put together too. The motor and gear reduction box are in perfect shape. Besides the little bend in the shift kit mounting that is good too. Will need 1/8 inch chain though. Selling because i had built this without researching the registration requirements in Minnesota and the 50 cc motor puts me in the motorcycle catagory by being .1 horsepower over the moped limit. To much of a hassle to get all the requirements for it to be registered as motorcycle. Over all very fun kit and wish i could keep it but can't get it registered as motorcycle. Email or pm if you are intrested. Cheers

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    It sounds like what you are describing is that there is a 2.0 HP engine limit in your state, and the Honda 50cc motor supposedly generates about 2.1 HP (according to the marketing specs I've read). May I ask, did the law actually call you out for the horsepower issue, or did you decide to wrap it up on your own?

    This is the way that the law is written here in Utah, and I an interested in your situation because it seems comparable. Thanks for any details you can share.
  3. When i first tried registering it they gave me 4 forms to fill out and told me to come back later with them filled out. I was a first for them so a lot of the forms had to do with making a serial number for it and getting it registered for the first time. Filled out all the forms and the dmv looked at them and shuffled me among 3 different people and then said it was good and gave me a plate. They said for the title to come they had to submit the paperwork to the state for review and it would come 10 weeks later. (minnesota is slow) Well 10 weeks later came and instead of a title it was a letter saying i was over the horsepower limit and had to surrender the plates Because it had to be registered as a motorcycle which is not possible with a bicycle frame. It is a shame because it was fun and got 180 mpg and up to 30 mph with my 260 pound body on it.
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    That is super interesting - thanks so much for sharing these details. I've been researching this issue for Utah, and have been comparing the various HP ratings of some different motors. I would love a 50cc Honda but am concerned that I will come across a similar issue here. I am not a huge fan of Chinese knock-offs, but it looks like the 48cc HuaSheng engine has a lower KW/HP rating that comes in under the 2HP limit. Good luck!