Honda GXH50 50cc modified

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    Engine mods

    -go-kart carb (for 144cc)
    -Air filter With intake adapter
    -removed governer
    -Straight pipe ( just in this photo, to loud removed it) i can include it if you like
    -Tighted Springs for more compression by using 2 washers
    -you can not see it in this picture; but i will include the cnc machined adapter that will allow you to mount to a cluch.
    -10w 30 synthetic only run through this motor .. THIS MOTOR IS MINTTTTTT!
    -engine has had always early oil changes excellent compression
    ********************asking price is $350 (including straight pipe; all original other****************
    ********************parts including governer original throttle mounting hardware etc)*************

    Videos on my motorbike here:

    4-stroke video .. build

    4-Stoke video - outside view (straight pipe installed ) ... re=related

    4-Stroke video- onboard cam

    my email address is

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    steveo...please post a "reply" here with the missing info from above, i'll edit it into place. keep in mind we don't allow image tags, but you may post links to outside pics.
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    I've updated the post, Should be ok, sorry about the prior post.

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    do you still have this
  5. steveo

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    Yes i do still have it :) ..

    If you would like to inquire further you could reach me at

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    can you explain more in detail

    Tighted Springs for more compression by using 2 washers size ect.
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    Tightened springs dont increase compression - what they can do is reduce valve bounce/float at top end which means the engine will rev higher without loosing power - the tradeoff is possibly higher mechanical wear.

    An example is the engine used in the Humber Sceptre and the Hillman Minx. Identical engines apart from the head. The Sceptre used a high output alum head with stronger valve springs so could rev to almost 6k rpm where the Minx motor with a standard steel head would only manage 5k before things started going floaty or in interferance type designs going bashy into important parts of the engine.

    In smaller engines the easiest way of raising compression is to skim the cylinder (much like skimming a cylinder head on a car motor). This will give you a little more power but care has to be taken or piston will say hello to sparkplug with nasty side effects...

    Jemma xx
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    yes i'd say your correct, I guess i don't know how to properly explain, but the point which you made where the troque is carried to a higher rpm is exactly it!!

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    Oooh I _LIKE_ the carb. What brand/size is that? I have been looking for a performance carb for a honda clone engine just like this. Plz let us know. Thanks! :)
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    you would need to check a local go-kart shop; its off a 144cc honda; the jet is a little bigger to feed the motor more fuel; the stock gxh 50 is ok; but this one give a tad more :)..

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    Jemma did a great job and so did u explaining the spings come off like brake springs i had a look the other day ..and the honda carb was junk and spit and spudderd at take off got the husburg carb wow what a sweet set up steveo iam goin to look for that carb again i liked that vid of you burung though the grears
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    still got this? im aus how much do you want?
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    I AM NOW TAKING BEST OFFER ON THIS!! PLEASE PM ME OR EMAIL ME AT Serious inquires only thank you.