Honda GXH50 and IZIP need help with drivetrain parts

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    I am trying to convert an Electric Izip scooter i got off craigslist for $25 to gas. got a used honda gxh50 for $20 bucks! Im wanting to mount the honda on the floor (i plan on welding a plate on the floorboard) (wanna keep the low center of gravity and ability to fold up and fit in the truck of my car)
    My problem is figuring out all of the different drivetrain parts that i will need. I want to drive the sprocket on the right side without a jackshaft. So could i use fancys scooter ninja transmission ??? it is a 1:5 ratio and the clutch and output sprocket turn in opposite direction.
    I think i would need statons honda gxh50 m6x2 adaptor??
    would this work with my current clutch?

    then i would need to figure out what sprockets i would need for the transmission and wheel and how to atatch it to my rear wheel (threaded) The wheels are 12.5 inches.....what would be the best sprocket combo for this setup? ( if it will even work??)
    thank you

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    Ok, thanks big-blue, i thought my clutch might work with that adaptor. Looks like the staton kit is going to be cost prohibitive for my project. Now i am looking at the gearboxes at
    I would really like to make this build without a jackshaft. Trying to keep it as simple as possible. This is my first scooter i am still trying to figure out the parts. I can weld so i will be able to fab all the mounts up.

    QUOTE=BigBlue;370961]FYI, your going to need the complete Staton kit:
    The one you listed didn't include a clutch.

    Good Luck,

    AKA: BigBlue[/QUOTE]
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    Yep, thats what im gonna do, now i just need to figure out how to drive a sproket on the left or use a jackshaft.

    Thank you!

    QUOTE=IbedaYank;371189]don't need all the extra stuff... and still wind up using a POS
    hoot or 5g blowup trans..
    you have a 5/8s straight motor why not just use a trans made for that motor no adapters needed[/QUOTE]