Honda gxh50 break in?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by jared8783, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. jared8783

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    i am receiving a honda in the mail tomarrow and need to break it in but can find no info on it

    i was thinking something like this

    idle it for a few hours
    then maybe 1/4 throttle with no load for a few hours
    then driving maybe 2/3 of top speed capability for a fews
    then it will be broke in and drive as usual
    does this sound good?
    how do you normally break in a motor?

  2. HoughMade

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    Just use it like you normally would, varying engine speed and change the oil at 10 hours- presto, broken in.

    What you do not want to do it let it run at one speed for hours or run it flat out for long periods of time in the first 10 hours.
  3. samijubal

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    You don't want to idle for hours that's for sure, engines get the least amount of lubrication at idle. Revving an engine with no load isn't a good thing either.
  4. jared8783

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  5. ra42mario

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    I'm new to motorbikes, but I've been rebuilding engines for several years. You want to break in an engine by "driving like you stole it". Take the bike out and do a pull to about 3/4 then let off the throttle and let the engine slow its self down without using the bikes brakes. Do that two or three times then go to full throttle for a few seconds and let it slow its self down by letting off the throttle by not using the bikes brakes to slow it down once again. After doing that for a few times the engine will be broken in.

    The reasoning behind this is because you want the rings to seal up against the cylinder wall. They seal up and break in BEST during decel, not accel which is the reason for allowing the engine to slow the bike down and not using the brakes.

    - Mario
  6. Mountainman

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    everybody has someTHING different to day

    varying engine speed -- not to exceed 2/3 throttle for the first couple of hours

    those that say to run those THINGS wide open at all while new -- super silly ones
    my ex-wife bought a new Toyota MR2 before I knew her
    the dumb salesman told her that same THING
    that THING used a ton of oil !!

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  7. Old Bob

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    On Hondas with a plain aluminum bore finished with a diamond tool you don't rev hard for the first few hours or risk galling the cylinder.
    The diamond boring operation leaves minute "whiskers" that need to be worn/broken off gently. Abusive break in such as WOT, tears them off and leaves a course finish that is subject to more tearing and possible galling.

    I change oil after the first hour, then at 5 and again at 10. Honda says you should run 10 hours then change the oil.Don't use synthetic until after the 10 hour break in.
    Castrol GTX 10-30 and Havoline 10-30 are two motor oils I recommend.
  8. strotter

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    Great info!
  9. Proboscis

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    I hit 130 running hours, with 20 hour oil interval changes. Great lil' engine
  10. jared8783

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    I talked to Honda on the phone and they said that there is no break-in period. Simply change oil after 10 hours.

    I probably will run it differently buring those 10 hours though such as not staying at the same speed for too long and will make sure that I warm up the engine for 10 minutes before running. And since I still have 3/4 quart of oil that i won't need i will prob change oil at 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and 4 hours.

    Other than that I will do 2/3-3/4 throttle for first 20-30 minutes but after that WOT.

    I specifically asked Honda if it was safe to go WOT on day one with the gxh-50 and they said that it would not harm the engine on account that there is no break-in period.
    I think Honda probably knows best.

    Thanks for all the help everyone and let me know if you have any more tips.
  11. samijubal

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    I wouldn't bet on someone on the phone from Honda knowing best. I've talked to many company people on the phone about many different products, sometimes they know what they are talking about, most times they are pretty clueless.
  12. Mountainman

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    in some cases these days

    in some cases these days -- sad to say probably true

    but -- Honda is one sharp company -- I would depend on what they say anytime

    but -- then again -- don't ever hurt to brake any engine in a little....

    to all Honda owners have much fun because

    those THINGS are proven GOOD TO THE BONE.......always will get you home...

  13. Old Bob

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    Well when you see the large amount of aluminum fines suspended in the oil you won't wait to change it at 10 hours.

    With the rpm limited on a stock engine WOT probably wouldn't effect it, but I break in my modified engines at moderate revs.
  14. Danny3xd

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    In trying to find out the right break in method for a 4 stroke I read at least 100 articles or posts. They varied from ride it like you stole it to 20 mins then let sit and cool over night. I wish I had thought to call Honda. But what I did was accelerate slowly, let her warm up and try not to go WOT much. But the Honda is so smooth, I some times beat on her b4 realizing. At 400+ miles now and it runs flawlessly and sounds great. I am just learning this engine but so far; WOW! (I am not a dealer, or supplier)
  15. cycledude

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    I don't remember the page where I found the info, but this retailer says that the engine is broken in after one tank of fuel.
  16. POPS

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    Hey guys

    Think of it as if it is in a Honda Gen.set. Some have auto idle so as the load

    very's, so does the RPM. They use about the same motors in most of their stuff.

    There is NO break in on a gen. set. Just run her. Change oil. Trust the Honda

    Gods and let the rest take care of it self! On paper you have 1 year backup if all fails??...Pops
  17. I'm an old timer so I remember when break-ins were long, slow procedures to be followed religeously. Now-a-days CNC machines, materials, and expertice in design are such that long extensive break-ins are passe. I still change oil after the first tank full of gas to get rid of any metal filings or shavings that were left in the engine, then again after about 3 more tank fulls, and I hold the throttle at less than 3/4 full for 4-6 tanks of fuel. That's about it.
  18. Irish John

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    I've got a 15kg rare earth magnet on my oil sump plug but I've never seen any metallic dust on it. The bore is cast iron and the rings are steel so I doubt there would be much alluminium in the oil. When you start a Honda for the first time there is a different sound to starting the HuaSheng and it is the sound of precision engineering. Not sure what difference it makes but Honda OEM Manager told me that the power performance specs for the HS are rubbish and do not tally with what they found when they put one to the test recently. I liked my HS motor for all of the 8 months I rode it but I like my Honda much more - no valve rattles for a start.