Honda GXH50 Centrifugal Clutch

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    I am trying to find a centrifugal clutch assy with a pulley (preferably--although i could rig it if it had a sprocket) for the Honda GXH50. I am in the thinking stage and I want a GEBE type system, but I'm going to use a 20in sew-up rim for the driven ring and an automotive serpentine belt. I haven't been able to find a link or part # for what I need. Any help is very appreciated.

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    Look at the offerings from Max-Torque I just recently purchased one of their HTD Belt Drive clutches for my Honda motor and though I haven't actually used it yet I must say that it is a very impressive clutch. They also have experience with fitting clutches to the Honda motors. They aren't the cheapest clutch out there that you could buy but I do believe they are a very good value. Plus the folks at Max-Torque offer great customer service. I believe the type of clutch you are asking about is what they call a Pulley Clutch

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    I asked Max-Torque about a pulley clutch for a GXH50 and got this info:

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    Link to photos? Here is the link to a project that I'm slowly putting together using one of Max Torques HTD Clutches. I believe it is the same clutch as the pulley clutch but has a 23t 5mm HTD driver rather than the 3.20 in pulley. You will be able to see the custom support piece they provide for the Honda to provide the needed support for the clutch on the short output shaft. Also you will find photos showing the clutch mounted with the driver inboard. The inboard mounted driver keeps the motor centered in the frame better than with the driver outboard, also with the inboard driver the tension is closer to the bearing supported output shaft of the motor. With an outboard driver you have alot of unsupported distance which would tend to wear out the bearings quicker, and puts all of the tension on the shaft adapter/extension.

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    Yeah, I thought having the pulley inboard made the most sense too. And it's great to see the photo of the shaft extension, I wasn't totally sure what he meant.
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    Hi Gang, I used their clutches with inboard-mounted pulley, and put over 14,000 mile on them. Never had a problem with the shaft extension. Good to see they now have a sealed roller bearing available for this clutch. Their earlier/cheaper pulley clutches had bronze bushings which created friction and wear problems when subjected to belt tension........ Charlie A.
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    what do you think ??

    Hi Gang, I am wondering if a torque converter drive unit could be used instead of a standard pulley clutch ?? Arranged in a direct drive setup, straight to the rear wheel. Seems like the belt would be slack at idle, eliminating the need for a hand clutch/tensioner.....Please tell me your thoughts....why would this not work ?? Thanx !!! Charlie A.