honda gxh50 driveshaft

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    I have a honda i pulled of my wifes trike and replaced with the RS on a staton chain drive kit,

    The DE kit had a bolt welded onto the end of the shaft for there friction roller mounting system. How hard would it be to remove this bolt or should i just leave it alone and SELL IT as is, The engine itself probably hasnt even 10 miles riding on it so i wouldnt even consider it broke in.

    There is just over 1 1/4 inch clear from the actual weld back to the engine casing.

    IMG_2764.JPG IMG_2766.JPG

    anybody interested i posted some more picks in garage sale in buy/sell/trade.

  2. vegaspaddy

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    new pics of drive shift added,

    IMG_2783.JPG IMG_2785.JPG IMG_2786.JPG IMG_2787.JPG
  3. honda gxh50

    Hi vegas. Thanks for the extra photos. I better pass on this engine.
  4. vegaspaddy

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    with the help of the hacksaw and dremmel i was able to remove the bolt almost right back to the original edge of the driveshaft as you can see the threads are still intact and there is just about 1/8 inch still to come off.

    I didn't want to mess with it too much so the final cut can be made to fit the buyers needs snugly.

    IMG_2787.JPG IMG_2790.JPG IMG_2793.JPG

    The shaft is pretty much back to factory spec. except for the last 1/8 easily removed with a saw.
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    Is that how DE mounts all their drive rollers?
  6. vegaspaddy

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    Not sure,

    probably not when they can use clutch plates on the 2 strokes, the 5/8 bolt was on there to hold the drive bolt. It looked kind of messy but trust me solid as a rock and was lined up to perfection.
  7. Silvaire

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    Throw a couple of extra question marks onto your question for me too. I'm incredulous!

    If that is the product that DE builds, then what is a purchaser/owner supposed to do if he needs to replace the crank seal or do ANY work on the engine???

    Seems totally unlikely that Honda would warranty something like that either.
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    hi guys, first of all the DE friction drive was an excellent made product of very high quality, NO bashing please, every manufacturer has a reason for doing things there way and there the ones who have tried and tested it. I loved this kit the auto clutch feature was fun no pullcord to mess with, it was my wife who couldnt manage the engagement handle in the end, and after all this was her trike.

    The attachment, yes, when i first seen it wow (the big weld chunk) but it worked solid as was true, never had problem period. I did have to take of the faceplate and it was an effort to get it over the seal intact just took some light hands and it slipped of fine. I assume that DE doesn't expect any owner too need to get into the engine period, remember we here are a different breed to most and any repairs they would probably expect to do themselves.

    Remember this is only one type of mount DE makes, that happened to be on my kit, as to any other kit that DE makes i can not comment.

    I think this has been discussed before but the moment we use these engines for bicycle kits the warranty goes completely out the window period on most of the engines. But yea, showing up at a honda dealer with the big bolt welded on might get some pretty awful looks.
  9. Silvaire

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    OK, I'll try to keep it to a low grumble...

    First, I will acknowledge I've been around long enough not to argue with success. If it works for you, then great.

    I have not seen a discussion elsewhere regarding DE and the Honda engine shaft.

    I just cannot envision any "manufacturer" welding an extension onto the end of the crankshaft as has been done in this case.

    A simple shaft extension could have easily been designed to bolt onto the end of the crankshaft, and especially in today's economy, a small machine shop with CNC capabilities could produce a small run of them for a reasonable cost.
  10. vegaspaddy

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    thats what i thought as well, especially since you have the threads in the driveshaft already, the perfect place to start building a more user friendly mounting base.
  11. Happy Valley

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    Not the ones I have had but mine are with the Robin 35 and Mitsubishi 43, they use a bolt-on housing and shaft assembly. Have never one with seen the Honda 50.