Honda GXH50 fore sale. Never used. $180 + shipping

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by sjackson, Jul 9, 2009.

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    I've got a Honda GXH50 for sale that I've never used. Bought it back in October thinking that I was going to put it on my bike. Summer came around, and I decided I wanted a motorcycle instead. I was planning on hanging on to the engine until I could actually put it on my bike, but I've run into some health problems and need the money to pay my doctor. :-/

    This is a BRAND NEW Honda GXH50 without a gas tank. They start at $250 and can go for over $300 from a retailer. This engine has never been fired. It is in new condition. I am going to sell to the first person who gives me $180 for it, which is $40 less than I paid for it back in October. Shipping is not included.

    I'm selling it for less because it is being sold AS IS with no warranty or guarantees. Because I've never fired it, I can't guarantee that it works, and I'm not in a financial position right now to assume that liability, as unlikely as it is. I see absolutely no reason why it wouldn't work though, as long as you know what to do with it. There is probably a manufacturer's warranty on it as well. I haven't read the literature that came with it.

    I will accept a money order, cashier's check, personal check or PayPal. If you pay with PayPal, money order or cashier's check, I will ship immediately after receiving payment. Personal checks will need to wait to clear. I work in the shipping department of an online retailer, so I can provide you with an accurate shipping quote, and ship it fast.

    PM me to work out the details.


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    Still available!
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    Spoken for. Thanks guys! I'm glad I was able to sell these items to some MB riders! I'd hate to see this little guy relegated to generator or water pump duty.

    I still plan on making a MB at some point, so I'm not going anywhere.