Honda GXH50 fuel pump

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  1. My honda came with a fuel pump. I cant seem to find where the vacuum comes out of the engne. Looked at carb and crankcase. Help!:confused:

  2. Little Black Plastic Pump

    Yeah, I got one of those also, seems like a cool idea, but I've not researched it. Have you dl'd the Service Manual and other info that is on this site?

    I would like to know what they do with that thing also!

  3. I have looked everywhere, even on other sites with no luck.
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    Is this an actual fuel pump that mounts on the engine? I have access to schematics and part lists for basically every Honda small engine, I'll see about going to work tomorrow and looking it up, if I can't make it tomorrow (closed technically but just down the road) I can check on Monday for sure, maybe post a blow-out diagram showing where it goes.
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    It is a black plastic hockey-puck sized thing that comes with some of the engines...I have one, had no idea what it was until some here mentioned it.
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    I've been so backed up with my second job that I didn't get a chance to go in to work. I'll check tomorrow and see if the program has any other information besides just a part number. Mainly it is just a way to see what parts go where, and getting a part number for ordering so might turn up empty.
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    Just thought of something. I have 5 days to update the computers at work before our anti virus expires. guess I can always go in and work on one of the computers....and look up that part the same time :)
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    The fuel pump is (as of my June update) the following item number: 16700-ZT3-003
    Description: Pump Assy, Fuel

    That's all I can get on it. Not sure what it is for tho.
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    Not sure on that carb, I only have access to diagrams and part lists for Honda small engines.
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    As far as i can tell this part number has been superseded by part number 16700-ZT3-013 (but it's probably the same pump physically)...........i'll eff around further. :)
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    They seem to be shipped with engines that do not have tanks.

    It is a pulse unit. The two barbs kind of in line with each other are for the fuel line. You can blow one way in and it comes out the other. Those go to the lower tank and to the engine.

    Rather than vacuum, I think it works on crankcase pressure. When the piston comes down, the pressure in the crankcase blows through the rubber tube connecting it to the back of the air cleaner.

    Haven't found any instructions, but I assume you put a tee in the short engine tube and run a line down to the hockey puck pump. So it either works on pressure or vacuum or both?

    That way you don't have to have a carb with a pump built into it like the China knockoff does if the tank is below the carb.

    You will notice there is a sentered bronze filter in the side of the puck. I think that is the vent for the pump diaphragm.

    Neat idea for anyone using a rack mount and has the tank down beside the engine to cut the height.

    I am always right until I tell my best friend and wife and she tells me how it really is. )

  13. Does Jims instructions work

    Has anybody actually tried Jim's instructions with that fuel pump? It all sounds good, but I don't want to invest in the pump if it won't ever work. I need to add a bigger tank because on days that I use my MB for commuting it's about 100 miles round trip. My 1 quart tank just doesn't cut it. I have a 1 gallon fuel tank from a Lawnboy commercial mower that I want to mount, but can't bring myself to mount it above the engine...its just too darn high. Mounting it to my rack at engine level is a much nicer option.

    I've also considered the possibility of an electronic fuel pump, but they seem to pump too much gas.
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    I'm hanging-out for this diaphram carby from new shipment is supposed to arrive soon(as in last month)
    "biketec" is the vendor on this forum so if u wish to know more contact him........please post results.

    PS...see also:
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    I called Small Engine Warehouse and they said the fuel pump was only to be used if the gas tank was positioned so as not to gravity feed. So it does not appear to be needed on a bike.