Honda GXH50 Governor Disconnection. Discussion & Pictures



I'm about to purchase two Honda GXH50 engines(one for a friend) from Staton-inc,for either a Grubee frame mount or a Titan rear mount and wanted to know if anyone knew how to disconnect the governor.
I understand it's not a simple procedure but has anyone done it for themself and could possibly give me a blow by blow guide.Pics would be excellent,or any further website info appreciated?
Thanks guys.

PS...if anyone can see any problems with me buying these engines(and possibly Grubee gearbox later) and shipping them to Australia can u let me know.

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I have done it, but as far as a step by step- that's tough. I actually just started at the carb and removed everything related to the governor. I owe someone else here a picture of my throttle linkage, but the camera is down. As soon as I get it going again, I will take those pics which will make it easier to explain.

You can start where the governor shafter comes out of the crankcase and remove the arm from that and everything up to the carb including the arm that the throttle lever mounts on. The real trick is making a throttle that works...but then we are back to the above issue again.
Thanks HoughMade...any pics relating to either subject would be great.I'm following your other thread as well( My four stroke build- observations) to cover my bases.
I'm not familiar with the GXH50, but would it be possible to leave the governor and just turn it up? I've done that on other engines.
I don't think it's possible to just turn it up.The engine governor is used in conjunction with optional pumps/generators/cement mixers etc so that when the engine gets "bogged-down" with heavy load the governor speeds it up.Good idea for it's intended purpose but VERY bad idea for a pushbike when your wanting to slow right down and the governor is trying to speed it up.
Appreciate the thinking though and i'll ask further.
If this helps, here are a couple pictures of what is missing- see my other thread regarding the throttle linkage and for more pics


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could you post information on the titan rear mount? i am getting this motor as well
Thanks xkwox...i've got the Owners Manual but your link is good for ppl that don't.I'm especially interested in getting the Workshop Manual,it's out on CD and it's much more comprehensive.
I'm STILL searching on how to disconnect the governor,but if i can't find a way i'll take the engine to a good Honda dealer that i know and pay $30.Don't really wanna do that cos i'de like to learn how to do it myself.