Honda GXH50 Kit for sale, used $350

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    Please see attached photo.

    I'm selling my complete Honda GXH50 kit. The engine has about 20 hours or so of running time on it, almost brand new. In the gearbox, there is one damaged gear that needs replacing. It is the gear closest to the rear of the bike. Also I think I can see a microscopic hairline crack in the gearbox case. Doesn't seem to be growing.

    I would like to be able to sell the engine and kit all together to someone who doesn't mind fixing the gear to get it running. It's possible that someone here on the forum might have a gear that could replace that one and be willing to sell it to you.

    One value you will get in purchasing the kit from me is that I have worked out a pretty good solution to the throttle attachment - an issue that has been greatly discussed here and is not dealt with in the instructions you get with the kit.

    If you want to buy it, I will cover (the non-trivial) cost of shipping it to you.

    If you want to call with question, call 509-924-2954 and ask for Bill.

    I'm motivated to sell this quickly because I need to money to take care of some important matters.

    Also, along with the kit you will be getting a TON of extra parts. Extra fuel filter, extra nuts and bolts, extra cables and extra gear box parts as I have gone through two of gearboxes.


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    ...or make an offer, I'll consider any offer.