Honda GXH50 on Grubee...will that work

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    I've read a ton of information, and frankly it's just confused me. Does anyone know if the Grubee will mount up to the Honda GXH50 and what clutch/adapters will I need? I intend to run the output through a Nuvinci hub and then to my final drive wheel on my trike. I was planning on using the Nuvinci as a jack shaft, but that won't work so I have to reduce down before hitting the hub. As always, any help will be so much appreciated!!!


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    I have NOT tried this but i'm guessing the Grubee Gearbox/clutch combination will work with the Honda if u simply rotate the GB 90degrees.This link is for the 7 hole GB with HuaSheng engine BUT since the Honda engines(QXA/QHA type) work normally with the Grubee GB in a horizontal position i can't see any problems..........CONFIRM THAT THOUGH.
    The Honda mounting holes are 75mm(centre to centre)
    The 3 hole Grubee GB mounting holes are 75mm(centre to centre) III REAR MOUNT ENGINE KIT.htm

    PS...if your still planning to do what u said and run the output through the Nuvinci you'll need further help & i'm not that interested in the Nuvinci.
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    Thats great news, I'm glad its at least a possibility to mount to a Honda. I really would like to stick with a reliable engine that I am pretty familiar (with my job). I'm willing to take a chance on the gear box if it fits my needs. I need some serious reduction through that thing so I'm anxiously awaiting the reduction from that box. The Stage III looks like they've made enough improvements to make it reliable. I studied the link you sent and am confused as to how this third stage works. Does it have a centrifigal clutch with in the housing or is it a gear on gear clutch type engagement. Will I be able to sit at a stop sign with the engine running with out pulling on a clutch? They aren't very good at explaining it. I wouldn't put it by myself to say that I've missed something.
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    The Grubee gear box will mount to the honda motor without any trouble but there are still a couple of problems you will have to overcome. First off the Grubee gearbox only offers 3.7:1 reduction which I dont believe is near enough. All of the Staton Kits that use the NuVinchi Hub have the motor running thru their 18.75:1 gearbox. Also with the Grubee gearbox your output from the gearbox is still esssentially on the left side of the bike. The Grubee gearbox does include the centrifugal clutch with the proper clutch bell to drive the reduction gears in the gearbox. No clutch lever.

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    The major difference between the Stage 11(3 hole) & Stage 111(7 hole) Gearbox/clutch combination is the 4 additional holes to make it more secure for running wet(oil lubricating the gears instead of grease)
    Other than that it would behave like a normal centrifugal clutch.What u do with the engager is up to you(some ppl reverse the engager or disconnect it entirely)
    Contact a few Grubee dealerships(preferrably by phone) and ask maximum questions....biketec is a member here;his real name is Jeremy from knows his P's & Q's.
    Please post your results.
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    Boy that sure helps out guys. I'm running into competing with Santa Clause right now so this may have to wait until after the new year (although I'm hoping Santa reads these posts and comes up with an idea for something under the tree). Slow and steady is the game here, I've rebuilt enough stuff to know I don't have to rush anything. Infact, I already purchased a clutch that if I go with the Stage III, I'll have as a part to go into "that box". I'll for sure keep everyone posted!
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    The Grubee gearbox at 3.7:1 and the use of a 48 or 56 tooth sprocket (an additional reduction of about 4.4:1 or 5.09:1, respectively) is plenty....either that or I have been experiencing rather pleasant delusions at over 30 mph.

    The Grubee gearbox mounted up perfectly to my Honda engine (GXH50 QXA) with no extra adapters. Also, Grubee sells a rack mount for it, so it can be mounted vertically:
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    Should work fine as HM said above, I just dont like the fact that it turns the exhaust pointing forward. Let us know if there are any good ways to pipe that exhaust out back...