Honda GXH50 throttle solutions

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by tfhudson, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. tfhudson

    tfhudson Guest

    I'm wondering what different solutions to throttle linkage people have found for the Honda GXH50. This seems to be the last big hurdle before my new ride is up and running.

    Close up pictures would be really helpful!

  2. Hello, I ran into same problem. I will try to get some pics uploaded tomorrow. In the mean time I will try to explain, however a picture is worth a thousand words. Anyway, I used piece of somewhat thin but sturdy piece of steel about 3 1/2 inches long X 7/16 in. wide. clamped in vise & twisted in center 90 deg. then hole in either end as close as posible. hole in one end for throttle cable & other to bolt on at right rear bolt of engine valve cover. hole for throttle cable, I used cable mount from any brake assy. perm. mount & will hold throttle cable in place on engine. Then loop throttle cable itself around black throttle hole & set to proper length & used cable clamp (crimp type) can pick up at hardware store. Then hook throttle return spring from other hole in black throttle linkage in carb & route to left rear valve cover bolt to secure. Hopefully you can make some sense of this until I can post a pic. Hope this will help, this procedure works well for me. Let me know if you need anything else, Dan
  3. wcocc

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    throttle linkage for honda gx 50

    call stanton inc. Ask for Dave, he will sell you the parts for the throttle hookup. under $5.00 dollars if I remember right.

  4. nunuthr

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    Would it be possible to get the number for dave stanton? I tried looking him up but couldn't find him. I need a throttle assembly from him for a gxh50.

  5. HoughMade

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  6. cgbjake

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    Does the supplied spring on the Honda provide enough return pressure to have a length of cable and brake handle return to idle? I'm wondering what else I need to buy beside the correct throttle cable and a good brake lever.

    I really like the sinz lever. You can get it to match everything and also have a red handle (symbolizes fast)
  7. scottyo

    scottyo Member

    confused about the throttle arm

    I am in the process of hooking up the throttle to my honda but I cant figure out how to connect to the throttle? Ive searched all over the forums looking for a detailed pic or description of how others have created a point of rotation on the throttle arm.

    Ive attached some photos of what Im working with:

    1-the throttle cable connecting to what I hope can be my throttle arm extension. The cable is sitting in a threaded spacer I drilled through, and is clamped by the two bolts, on top and bottom.

    2-the original throttle/butterfly arm (which doesnt have an easy way to connect the extension piece on top of the actual point of rotation or at all)

    3-the general idea i am hoping to achieve

    Can anyone advise me on how to properly set up this part of the throttle connection? I think ideally I would have the arm extension directly centered over the point of rotation but based on how it was originally set up Im not sure I can do that. I have already disassembled the governor.

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  8. scottyo

    scottyo Member

    I also called staton inc. They directed me to a small kit (15.95) to help connect the throttle. Honestly it looked like it wasnt much better than what came in the engine kit from Didnt see enough there (photos/descriptions of the product and customer service help) to make me decide to invest in it.
  9. ocscully

    ocscully Member

  10. scottyo

    scottyo Member

    Thanks oscully, that thread is very helpful. I contacted bc their photos of replacement 4 stroke carbs and even their photos of their 4 stroke kits clearly show a carb with small pieces of hardware that allow a proper throttle connection . So I called them and their guy Jeremey was really helpful and offered to send me some of pieces of hardware that might make this easier. In the meantime Im going to try to replicate what fetor did here .
  11. ocscully

    ocscully Member

    I hope you will post some detailed photos of your final set-up.

  12. scottyo

    scottyo Member

    throttle connection

    So I think I am almost done with my throttle set up. I ended up using a few pieces from Ace hardware and pieces of the removed governor.

    1- piece from the governor that caught my eye as a potential throttle arm adapter

    2-I dremeled the piece i needed off the rest of the governor control. I then drilled three holes in it (two to connect to the throttle arm and one connect the throttle cable to). The two holes that were for the throttle arm connection I threaded with my smallest piece from my tap and die kit. I also threaded the holes in the throttle arm too and bought two tiny bolts to fit the threads.

    3- This is the mod in place. I used the little wire from the governor to connect the cable to. Spring has a longer lever arm to pull on which works well because the throttle cable contains so much friction, it will prevent a return if the cable and spring have equal lever arms.


    My bike isnt functional yet but I will repost when I can comment on the real time functionality of my throttle setup. I really like the piece I took off the governor. It seems to work perfectly. I can get almost 100% of the intended throttle arm rotation.

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  13. Sketch

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    Stupid question maybe, but why isn't it possible just to put on a stronger spring? (I don't have my kit yet so I haven't examined the problem first hand)
  14. scottyo

    scottyo Member

    I was just trying to use the parts I already had. Sorry I was referring to the fact that with my spring it wouldnt return with equal lever arms.
  15. Sketch

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    I see, so the idea was to put the spring on a longer lever arm...
  16. scottyo

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    Also, i should say my kit didnt come with any throttle connections at all.
  17. Sketch

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    OK....I got my kit and now I understand the problem. I got nothing to work with. And, what's worse, the instructions say one sentence. "...and attach the other end to the carb." or something like that. Good grief. But now I will understand what I'm looking at when I study your pics Scottyo.
  18. ocscully

    ocscully Member

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  19. ocscully

    ocscully Member

    GXH50 Throttle Set Up

    Its raining today in SOCAL so I thought I'd use the time to post some photos of my most recent solution to the GXH50 throttle cable hook up. I started out by purchasing a $8.00 lit from AGK (see photo #1). Then I added a few parts from the local hardware store and the local bike shop (see photo #2). I started out by modifing the governor vane by drilling out the bottom attachment point to 5/16th in. to accept the bronze bushing shown in photo #2. I then drilled out the ID of the bushing to be an easy slip fit over the governor rod the goes thru the case of the motor. This makes the governor no longer function. Then I added an L-bracket to the mid point of the vane for the spring hook to attach to. You need to get this attachment point away from the vane to get proper alignment. Last I drilled a new hole in the vane to attach the return spring. (see photos #3, #4, #5) The remainder of the photos show the various parts installed on the motor.


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  20. scottyo

    scottyo Member

    So I finally got my **** electrical problems figured out and got the bike started. AND Im very happy to say the throttle works like a charm!