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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by adb140275, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. adb140275

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    Just wondering... does the GXH50 engine have a 78mm clutch with the proper bolt pattern for... say... a bmp kit? no immediate plans as of now, but i would really like a honda gxh50 in the future.

  2. ocscully

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    The Honda motor does not come with any clutch. The output shaft/crankshaft is 5/8th in. dia X 1&14 in. long, and will accept any clutch that fits this shaft. I have no experience with friction drive kits like the BMP but do know that they offer the Honda Motor with some of their kits. It seems to me that I read in a thread here that the Honda motor that BMP offers is modified with a a shaft extension welded on, or some such thing?

  3. reb1

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    Staton makes an adaptor with a heavy duty clutch for the honda GXH50. I do not no if it will work for your application.
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    Congratulations 'adb', you are wise beyond your years to consider a friction drive and quality engine. A Honda GXH 35 from or Robin/Subaru EHO 35 from might serve you well especially if you are not heavy. The Honda 50 is expensive when equipped for our use. BMP does not sell engines but recommends some based on customer satisfaction. I have nearly 900 miles on a Titan 50 from on a BMP unit that has done well except for a broken tank mount bracket that Duane replaced under warranty. Good Luck!
  6. adb140275

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    yeah, right now im stuck between the subaru and the honda gx35... both seem like good engines, but im torn. im definitely not fond of a belt driven over head cam setup... yet, the honda looks so nice, and ive loved all of my honda lawn equipment (my summer job...)
  7. reb1

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    I looked at both the Subaru and the Honda. I have noticed that both Staton and Golden Eagle prefer it over the honda on the small 4 stroke type engines. On my single I will use the Subaru but on my tandem I will probably use the 2.5hp Honda. Both of these motors have an automatic mechanical de-compression system also.
  8. rawly old

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    Just in case some one curious about the the GX50 or Hua Sheng checks this thread,
    I'd like to add some input.
    The GX50 is a fine quiet, durable engine, but it isn't remotely designed for use on a
    bicycle. To fit it for a friction drive requires an expensive & awkward adapter from
    Staton.(bin der, dun dat). This is not to mention other mods. Reliable, yes, but heavy.
    The sooby 35 or the GX35 are far better suited to a bicycle.
    If you want the equivalent hp. I'd strongly recommend the Tanaka PF4000. Yes,
    it's louder that the GX50 & needs mixed fuel, but it is slightly more powerful & 4 pds.
    lighter. Yes, it's more expensive, but it is mechanically simpler and just as, if not
    more reliable, than the Gx50. It has a wider band of rpm and vastly better
    I'm very fond of my GX35, but the Tanaka is amazing. I've run it in torrential
    downpours to a point where I'd almost believe it could run under water. It still
    starts easily in sub-zero weather, and they come with a 7 year non-commercial
    use warranty.
  9. darwin

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    With a tanaka 40 on your bike you'll drown out a harley with straight pipes standing side by side.
  10. rawly old

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    C'mon, It's not that loud; most of the lawnmowers in my
    neighborhood are louder than the tanaka. I'll grant it screams
    at 10,000 rpm, but I rarely rev above 6000.
  11. grinningremlin

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    Nonsense.The 40 and an equivalent 4-stroke have roughly the same loudness 80db, it's the higher register that makes people THINK a 2-stroke is louder.
  12. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    If said person THINKS it's louder then it must be louder, huh? Would you rather have a neighbor starting a Honda 50 or a tanaka 40 at 3 am. If you say the tanaka grasshopper your logic is flawed!.......during the big one in Tokyo tanakas were used as air raid sirens when the B29s were overhead and everyone knew wassup.
  13. butre

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    higher pitches carry differently. from a purely scientific viewpoint 80 dB is 80 dB, 120 is 120, etc.
  14. rawly old

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    I'd hope not to hear either engine at 3 a.m. When I ride, I'm sittin'
    right on top of the tanaka. Doesn't really bother me much. Sure.
    the GX50 is quieter; it also weighs nearly twice as much & was
    engineered for power equipment, not bikes.