Honda Schwinn Alloy Three

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    Here are some pictures of my latest build.
    Here are the specs:
    Engine: GXH 50 Honda;
    Carby: HuaSheng top / Honda bottom;
    Gearbox: Grubee Mark2 with 11T freewheel;
    Rear Sprocket: 48 tooth, Specially drilled for hub with hand fabricated 316 S'steel clamps;
    Tank: 2 pack with clearcoat, mounted on dense neoprene and kreemed inside;
    Saddle post: Alloy suspension post;
    Speedo\Odo: Repco 8 function
    Gears: Shimano 3 speed Nexus Geared Hub
    Brakes: Coaster rear V-brakes on front
    Front Lights: Twin narrow/broad LED Ay-Up Australian made 600 lumen with 6-12 hrs burn high\low;
    Rear Light: Akslan LED
    Exhaust strap: 316 s'steel with s'steel fixings
    Chainring: Grubee 44T welded to crank to prevent slipping (they all slip eventually because the fixing isn't strong enough)
    Rear Rack: Alloy
    Tyres: Schwinn Typhoon 26 x 2,125 with 5x thicker thornproof tube rear and standard thornproof front. Anti-puncture slime in both tyres.
    Horn: Air horn
    Rear mirror: Zefal

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  2. MotoMagz

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    Irish..once again..nice build.How do like the nexus hub?
  3. Irish John

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    Nexus Hub

    Hi MotoMagz,
    The Nexus is good. I've used the 7 spd and the 3 spd many times. The 7 speed is nicer. Also used the Sturmey Archer 3 speed and it is fatter than the Shimano Nexus 8 speed and I have to get the sprockets specially drilled out in the centre to fit over it. I got a 54mm diameter drill specially for the Nexus 7 speed but the Sturmey 3 speed is over 60mm diameter which is pretty ridiculous really.
    Sorry I'm late replying - been away for a while.