Honda Vs Subaru Robin Vs Mitsubishi


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Jun 17, 2008
Hello friends.
He wanted your aid in the choice of an engine for my bicycle.
I have these engines in mind:


these are my requesits
hat not of these problems of greater.
that it spent little combustible
speed 50 km/h
minimum noise possible.

Somebody can give an opinion?

Thanks and sorry my bad english..

Russel, They're all great engines. It really comes down to how you plan on using them and which one will fit best with your bike.
I wanted an engine to use in ffriction drive..
I do not know if this methode is good.
i wanted to use the engine behind the bank. It wanted that it was an engine with these requesits that said.

which will be optimum engine?

Russel -- pretty new to these small bicycle engines --- but, I have chosen the Subaru do to the fact -- steel cylinder sleave was told that the Honda doen't -- told but not sure.. If this is a fact -- GOOD SELLING POINT !! Happy Riding from Mountainman
stude13 you do not help me in nothing.

Mountaiman you have some photos of your bicycle that you can show? How many km you make with the full deposit?

I wait more opinions.
Yea hondas have the aluminum block without the sleeve but its a nifty lil motor and its bigger than your mits mountain. Those are all excellent motors as far as design and durability it just depends on what you want as stated before. Check out the tanaka brand too russ. Personally I wouldnt get anything smaller with a friction drive than that mits 43 cc because of the experience Ive had with my kit with the honda 50.
My Mitsubishi is awesome, However I don't know how it would perform on a friction drive.
My Mitsubishi TLE 43 works well on a friction drive. The 53 should work well. Where would you get a TLE 53?
I got the Robin/Subaru EH035 and am using it with a friction drive.

I hooked it up over the weekend and so far it works great (except my kill switch was grounding itself so I had to disconnect it). I haven't ridden very far, though. But at about half throttle I was cruising along at 32km/h.

I'm using the Staton kit with the 1" roller.