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    Hello! I live in the sticks of NH and have been interested in every type of bike for as long as I can remember. I didn't even know bikes could have motors (I thought those were called motorcycles!!! :dunce:) until fairly recently when a hot guy whizzed past me on one. I fell in love with the bike and the hot guy, and have been interested in motorized bikes ever since.

    I only have one bike, a women's Titan Trailblazer 21 speed, and it does not have a motor.

    I have not built a motorized bike myself, but am very interested in doing so eventually... after learning all I can.

    I am here to soak up knowledge and learn from you great people.

    So hello :tt1:

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    HA !

    I don't know if it was the "honest" part, or the "nhfem" part, that set the MBrecord of 7 page visits in less than a minute.

    While some think "half truths" are okay, I'm in the "truth and a half" club.

    So welcome !!
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    Ha! Thank you. Nice to feel welcome!!!! I thought I would get flamed. :whistling:
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    Howdy neighbor welcome to MBc.......from the sticks of the Pioneer Valley.
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    Howdy! :sunny: Nice to "meet" you!
  6. My advice,Go with 4 strokes for reliability and ease of obtaining parts.2 strokes for acceleration and light weight.2010 E.P.A. banned china 2 strokers and It's getting harder to find parts for they usually need rebuilding being some these chinagirls are delicate and piston rings and cylinder,seals,etc.etc.tend to wear out quick If you do over 20 mph.Go with a 4 stroke and save the headache.If you got to have a 2 stroke.Get extra gaskets,carb,piston,rings,and cylinder.As many as you can get.