Honey, i'm going on a test run. I may not make it home.

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    2004 Secret test runs were held. 5 dudes sporting their years work.
    Pulled my secret build out for competition. 1/8 mi. 77 mph and climbing. GX270 single cyl. 8hp honda. Engine mods private. Clutch set up private. 2 speed jackshaft.

    Bikes were standard mini chopper designs. Rake had to be at least 45 d. Feet must be on forward pegs. (No crotch rocket designs) Hard tail.

    I came in 3rd. Winning bike was 86 mph. This was my last photo before selling it to a small engine rep. They took the drive train off and threw the rest of the bike out. And yes, it was worth my time. Since, I build 1 mini a year. And of course, motoredbicycles.

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    good job
    that lil bike looks good too :D
  3. I gotta get into this. That's sick!