Hoo-ah, from Minnesnowta.

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  1. Icarus1990xx

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    I'm joining this forum so I can have some "Bodhisattva's", so to speak, on the path to fruition of my homemade, 85mph+, Motorbike. It has to be street legal, according to MNDOT laws and regs, because it will be my main mode of transportation.

    Also, Rangers lead the way.

  2. Welcome.

    Minnesota laws must be more liberal than most other states. Bicycles are not designed for speeds much over 30mph, so you will need major modifications to go anywhere near that fast with even a tiny margin of safety. Here we are limited to under 50cc engines, speed below 30mph and still retain pedaling to go to be legal as motorized (assisted) bicycles. Your 85mph bike would have to be registered as a motorcycle.
  3. Icarus1990xx

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    Well, yeah, that's the plan. thank you for the info. so would I have to get inspected by MNDOT or DMV?
  4. Turtle Tedd

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    ..85MPH...85 miles per hour..at that speed you should think in MPM..miles per minute
  5. Icarus1990xx

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    So, I want it to be able to go roughly 1.4 mpm.
  6. You will need to get a VIN#, inspection, registration, and insurance. You will have to equip it with DOT approved tires, wheels, lights, a brake light, a mirror, turnsignals, and brakes to pass inspection in most states.. That could get expensive, and bicycle parts will not hold up at that speed. You would be far further ahead to buy a small motorcycle, and a lot safer too.
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    Yeah, but buying a motorcycle is too easy. Where's the challenge in that? Nothing is more savory than the feeling of creation, ask any proud father.

    If I cared about safety, I would not have joined the military.
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    Welcome! The military has plenty of safety rules too. Good luck on your build. Sounds like you need a 125cc dirtbike engine on a bike frame.
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    Welcome to the forum. We have been called many things, but never Bodhisattva's.
    You must be a Steely Dan fan.
    To go 85mph on a bicycle, I'd say you will need a 200cc 2 stroke, a mini fairing and excellent health insurance. Godspeed.