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    I have been reading here awhile., Now that My girlfriend and I got our first bike together. :grin:We had to order some more engines. It's hard to share one bike. every where we go people think the bike is cool and shocked to find out the MPG:eek:.

    I'm in Smyrna- 35 miles South of Nashville

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    hi Maxx, from tn here too, west, near huntingdon. which part of tn are you from?
    here's a handy link for you, good stuff to know. http://www.michie.com/tennessee/lpex....htm&cp=tncode

    scroll down & click on the general index folder,(all the way down, on the left of the page), then select the letter M, go down the list , until you get to (motorized bicycle), click on it, all the laws for motorized bicycles are there. we are very lucky to have this code to access online, many states don't.
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    hey Maxx, welcome aboard
    CrazyGringo and myself are in Memphis, more and more TN folks are showing up.
    Good luck and happy motoring