Hope an electric guy will be welcome here?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Henry111, May 1, 2012.

  1. Henry111

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    Hello everybody:
    I realize that this forum is devoted mostly to the interests of engine-power, but I do see that there is also a place here for electric-motor folks. So I do hope that I will be welcome here and that I will be of some help to them. Please understand: I got nothing against gas engines. I ride a Harley.
    My name is Henry and I am the editor of Electric Bicycles Magazine, an on-line publication devoted to E-bike enthusiasts.

  2. Anton

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    I'm looking at making the electric bike section bigger with more categories. So yeah you're definitely welcome here!
  3. PatrickW

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    Anyone who is here in earnest is welcome.
  4. Happy Valley

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    Welcome to the forum. There probably will come a day when all power assisted bicycles will be eBikes.

    BTW, just checked the mag and wondering if that's your editorial: A Motorcycle by Any Other Name?
    If so, you and I are on the same page, regardless of the source of stored energy we use.

    Is Still a Motorcycle
  5. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. There are states where gas assisted bikes are illegal. so we will always have a place for the trons here. A lot of people live in housing where gas engines are not practical. Use the type of propulsion that best fits your situation and interests.
  6. graucho

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    Welcome Henry. Were always willing to pick apart a fresh brain for knowledge.
  7. LR Jerry

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    Maybe you can develop a gas electric hybred bike like the cars. ???
  8. butterbean

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  9. Happy Valley

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    The courteous thing might be to just say welcome and let a member have his own introduction thread. There are plenty of other threads available to argue one's personal preferences.
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  10. MikeJ

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    Hi Henry111 -

    Welcome and do join us. A few electric riders post their experiences. Somebody like me will have electric vehicles for local commuting in the next few years. An electric trike with two live axles in back; a 750 watt motor on each. Carrying capability for batteries to last 30 miles at 20 mph. Maybe you and co-contributors will have the right ideas for guys like me.....