Hope this is in the right place...chain to belt conversion

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by NewOrleansFlyer, Jul 15, 2011.

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    If this isn't in the right place, would a moderator put it where it belongs and let me know. I've searched and searched for a thread about sprocket to belt drive conversion for china girl motors. I'm most interested in the parts that need to be replaced. It seems to me that the drive sprocket, the rear sprocket, and the chain would be replaced with a drive belt wheel, a real wheel belt "sprocket/wheel" and a belt. I can't find any sources for any parts etc. to make this conversion and would appreciate your help. My bike is an inframe chain driven cantilever frame Murray. Thanks for any help

  2. retromike3

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    drive sprocket ?

    The main problem I see is getting the drive sprocket to work. It is a press fit with a keyway and a bolt on top of that.

    I know that the media and the industry sales guys have put a lot of stock in the new drive belts, but my opinion is that they are just trying to sell more stuff regardless of whether it has any more value. The roller bearing chain is a very efficient and long-lasting item. And I go with the KMC 415 BMX chain and its lasted longer than my last motor and it did not stretch.

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    chain has a rated effeciency of 98 or 99%, and that figure hasnt changed in over 100 years of use and design... ie, for every hp transmitted, you lose 0.01hp in the chain. (not o-ring chain though! it chews up 10% of your power! wont catch me using that stuff on any motorbike! rather just replace it more often!)

    belts rarely achieve 85% efficiency. toothed flat belts can do a bit better, but not much... so. even worse than the o-ring chain!

    aaaaand, if you do go to a belt drive... how are you going to tension it? they require more tension than a chain does. this places extra load on bearings and wastes power.

    this sounds like GM food. why mess with whats perfectly fine as it is?
  4. Chalo

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    I'm with HeadSmess on this one. Chain drive beats belt drive on a few counts. The benefits to V-belt drive are only cleaner running and less noise (if it doesn't slip). If you're using a Happy Time motor, you can't be all that serious about noise limiting.

    If you can't sweat the details enough to make your chain drive behave right, don't expect switching to a belt to cure any of those problems. It will just slip, chafe, and break.