horrible clutch lever



this is probablly a quick (dumb) issue, but my problem is on my 1st bike i have the clutch almost as smooth and as easy as my dads harley i can pull it with 1 finger, but on this new bike its not humanly possible to pull it all the way back! ive tried taking pictures with fish weight gueges but they bottom out before the clucth ever moves! i have a considerable amount of strength, i can press my weight 180lb and for the life of me i cant pull this lever back with 1 hand! ive never heard of somthing like this! and when i do manage to get it pulled back it really doesnt do much for the clutch without "helping" the clutch arm with my thumb i have the arm on the edge of being disengaged as it is (no pulling) ive never sen this any help? once it warms up on 2s day i will do a vid my vid cam wont work in this cold its -20 windchill and they say 20 min and u'll get frostbite... ive heard of "twist levers" is that what i should get i actually would prefer that that way i can put my brake back, buti dunno where to get 1 from...:confused:
anybody? i got at least 15 views i really need help i gotta go somewheres monday not trying to be annoying
Did the lever ever disengage the clutch? With the cable disconnected from the clutch release arm can you move the lever freely?
Possibly the wrong clutch spring?

i know its the right spring because it worked ok at one point, it was in freezine rain at one point... wel at work my dad made me a baffle for my pipe he thought the fiberglass would clog but its pretty much made of huge tack welds he only had like 15 min before his boss came back i think its pretty cool but not so pretty lol ill put up pics later but im gonna have the space heaters in the shed on tommro to put in the baffle so ill do the lines also the heaters put it up around 80 is that good enough? lol i think ill hit the lines with wd40 but i am positive the clutch arm is free because its been off 50 million times while i attached the cable, i just relieve the pressure on the arm rather than breaking my thumb lol:) but ill let you know, if theres any other suggestions ill be on yahoo messenger until 7 mabey 8 central if you want to pick my brain... wayfastwhitey6969
I had problems with cables freezing inside their housings. Stipped them down and shot the housings full of LockEase.
I had problems with cables freezing inside their housings. Stipped them down and shot the housings full of LockEase.

^^ what i plan to do tommrow but can anyone tell me where to get the twist clutch ive been hearing about? i honstly would mich prefer that then i would have easier access and quicker access to my front brake and my back brakes are kinda worn.. plus i wont have to deal with carving my handgrip for the clutch to lock :( or bending the brass thing to the point where it breaks and i cant lock the clutch lol (i did that) (just 3 more posts to go!!!)