horse power pipe and carb dirt cycle

here are some pics of the new hp carb and super performance pipe mods... the difference is amazing in power!!! and the sound is super cool too... instead of the stock boring sound it has a very crisp snappy pop sound, and its also completely out of the way of your leg... and now i can hall a** up this big dirt hill i had to help peddle up before... i also skimmed the head, ported, and put a 56 tooth sprocket on so it cruzes at 25 istead of 35, but throws dirt up when accelerating off road! these mods have got to bring it up to 4 or 5 horse instead of stock 3.5 horse... if i put the original 44 tooth sprocket on im sure it could exceed 40 but im more into power...


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Awesome off road machine! With that setup do you encounter much offroad terrain that it cant handle? I bet you can practically take off with that thing with clutch control only with that much gear reduction. Cool stuff thanks for the pix. Thinking of making these things for sale?
thanks jake... there are off road fire trails behind my house that are hilly and before i couldnt make it the hills with out peddling, but now i can practically idle up them... its no struggle to take off with clutch control even up hill! it took a lot of customizing and machining to get everything to fit properly but its definitely doable
Good to know, i had basically given up on the idea of using my HT mountain bike in anything more off-road than dirt roads as it just didnt have the torque to keep the bike going without slipping the clutch constantly. It doesnt look like you've done anything special with the sprocket hook up though, any problems with that kind of torque on the spokes yet? I killed a couple good wheels riding my MTB hard before i tore it down to build my chopper. I can only hope you bring a friend out on those fire trails with a digital cam to take some videos. I bet that thing could even tear it up even through deep snow. Totally sweet :)
Hard to tell from the pic but what carb did you use?
i have actually broke a few spokes before the mods but i just buy new ones for a couple bucks and replace them... the new setup is so new i havnt broke any spokes yet... im sure they will break eventually, but the next project is to get a more efficient sprocket setup... maybe a disk break and mount the sprocket to the disk... ive seen some guys do that, or a different wheel... we will see, if you guys have any ideas love to hear... thanks
andy, its the big bore horse power carb from pocketbikes unlimited... i wasnt sure how it would work but it turned out perfect with very minor machining... great fit and excellent performance...