Horsepower for 2 strokes

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Rockjaw, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Rockjaw

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    rs 68 law in florida ..i know they go by horsepower now..cant break over 2 HP..i guess engine cc size doesnt really matter

    what is the horse power of these factory 2 stroke 50cc
    and 66 cc??

  2. butre

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    a factory freak 66cc will deliver 2.5 ish horses, but most are lucky to break 2. it's not like cops are carrying dynos though, go nuts. ride safe and they won't bother you

    even modded they rarely break 5 horses, 6+ is $10 a gallon race gas and rebuild every 50 miles territory
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  3. Paratrooper

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    Just a note. I've noticed that a 2 cycle generator is 2 HP rated with 63cc engine. You can check Harbor Freight on that.
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  4. Rockjaw

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    in fl we have the r s68 law...I believe they do an insepection on the bike..then they put a sticker on the engine if it passes...i guess most people would mod their bikes after the inspection.
  5. Fabian

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    You will find that a stock standard 66cc engine won't even deliver 2 horsepower - maybe 1.5 on a good day and around 1 horsepower on a bad day.