Hot/Cold Weather Oil/Fuel Ratio

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by asfazrq, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. asfazrq

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    Hi guys,

    I haven't been able to find a straight answer to this. I am using regular Dino oil (Walmart Super-Tech 2-stroke blue colored oil - works fine) and I regulerly mix 30:1 ratio. Some times have been saying that you should go a little richer in hot weather. is that true? What about cold weather?

    Advice is appreciated.

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    First of all I'd use a better oil, as oil is relatively inexpensive, I myself use Amsoil, but there are others that are good, and a 2 cycle oil made for these (HT if that's what you are asking about) small engines. Not outboard oil, if that is what it is. As far as mixture in hot/cold weather I feel the same mixture is good. These small air cooled engines get up to temperature and I really doubt that 50 degree difference is going to make that much difference. Let experimenting guide you, as each type of and each engine runs differently. The oil/fuel ratio depends on the engine manufacture. On a HT I like a little more oil then say a weed eater which today is 50:1
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    Ron Amsoil oil is really expensive. A litre (1000ml) of Dino oil is $4 while Amsoil for the same quantity is almost $14 in canada + tax. I use 30:1 ratio with Dino oil. what ratio do you use with Synthetic oil?

    Is it really worth paying $10 extra everytime for an engine that costs $70 or less. Thanks again.
  4. asfazrq

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    If i could know where to buy quality 2 stroke oil product at a great price then that would be appreciated. I am traveling to MI next week so would appreciate some input.
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    I'm just stating what I use... Use a oil MADE for NON marine air cooled engines. Air cooled engines run hotter then water cooled engines. I run a 32:1 mix.

    TYFOON Member

    I bought some of Spooky's Maxima Scooterpro Blend.

    I am sure Amsoil is better. I ran that in my Kawasaki 1000cc inline 4 for years with success.

    How does the Maxima do? Middle of the road? 8 out of 10? What do you all think?

    I wonder about summer weather also. I guess I will stick to 24:1 for a couple gallons and then go to 30-32:1.

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    Maxima is very good oil, it is just not as well known as the other big name oils out there.
  8. asfazrq

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    Can anyone tell me where to buy oils at a decent price?
  9. GearNut

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    I go to my LMS, Local Motorcycle Shop.