Hot, Hot, Hot Whizzer parts

I have ONE early NE Whizzer cylinder that is modified to the MAX!

This cylinder will fit all motors from 1999 to present.

I can also make it part of an upgrade kit for the earlier WC-1 motors which would include all parts needed for the conversion. If part of an upgrade kit it would include a milled NE head, copper head gasket, larger head bolts, base gasket, intake gasket, compression cover gasket, special aluminum exhaust spacer, exhaust gasket, spark plug, and addition intake spacers.

I normally charge $145.00 to modify a cylinder & head, however I will offer the modified kit for $375.00 [about $91.00 less than stock upgrade kit]. Save over $236.00 total because of the modifications.

The cylinder is decked, major port work, enlarged intake port [2.8 MM larger], valve seats re-cut, valves lapped, liquid tested, progressive valve springs, painted with black engine paint [vintage look], and re-cured in oven.

This is identical to the majority of my record setting motors.

Cylinder without kit [for owners of NE5/NE-r/Ambassador Whizzers] is $300.00.

I have a few addition cylinders [not many], but are not modified to this extent and the price is the same!

These are the very rare early NE cylinders and are much better candidates for producing additional power and will easily deliver 3 times the original HP[300% ].

Have fun,


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Sold 2 more cylinders, almost completely out.

Just a quick note to let everyone know these are the last of the "good" NE cylinders.

There aren't anymore of the NE cylinders available period!

Don't be fooled as the current cylinders offered by others ARE NOT the original reliable NE cylinders.

The last edition cylinders have issues with the valves & seats [valve module] and so far can't be modified to hold up.

I am going to the Portland motorbike show in July and any remaining cylinders will be sold at the event.

If you have a WC-1 [1999 to 2004] or the NE-r or Ambassador II [2007-2009] you need this cylinder!

Have fun,