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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Bikeuser, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Bikeuser

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    if i were to compile a ebook packed with information and detailed pictures on how to port your HT engines, tuning the exhaust, and rejetting the carbuorators how much would this information be worth to you?

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    All that info can be found for free on these forums though, why charge for it?
  4. Bikeuser

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    DO you know exactly where? are you sure on how much to port,
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    I just use the search button. Then I contribute when I can.
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    The exchange of infomation is what this forum is all about. If I had information others could use I would start a thread and I'm sure my fellow members would do the same.
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    well let,s see if your info is right a big ??,you need a flow-bench to get the right numbers at verious rpm,s {cfm,s}and then decide what you want torque or part manufactures spend 10,s of thousand,s of $$$ to get this right.nascar team,s have huge budget,s for r and d.all im saying is if your going to make $$$ on this make sure it can be backed up with fact,s and figures.
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    theres already one on ebay, i think $5.99