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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by boonies, Feb 22, 2009.

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    I have a large ebook on how to bump up horsepower on your happy time engine
    if you are looking for rip roaring power with the seat of the pants kick you need to do these mods. No machine work is necessary. the only tool you need is a small ******* and 3 corner file. a dremel will be nice but is not needed

    Soon enough you will be rolling with the rice rockets and flaring with the hogs.

    in this ebook i have pictures and step by step details on how to safely port your intake and exhausts, how to increase the compression ratio up to 12:1 without milling. but it shows you how to get the perfect 9:1 ratio with adding material.
    each step is shown in a way that even a complete newbie can follow and understand.
    exhaust pipes are not covered.

    the entire cost can be less than 5.00 with a trip to harbor freight.

    i am offering this ebook to at a special discount of 14.95. tomorrow when i bring my site online the final price will be 29.95 so please send me a PM with your paypal email and i will send you an invoice. money back guarantee.

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    2nd post, already sellin something !!!