Hot Rods + Bicycles = Me

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    I'm not new to bicycles I rode Flatland, Street, Dirt and ½ pipe on a semi professional level for about 10 year but suffered a series of "major" injuries, so I turned to Hotrods. I have my own shop, where for the right price I make the impossible happen. I needed a good pit bike for when I go to the SCTA meets at el Mirage, so I found this old bike and went to town and in about 3 day I had this. Still not done but soon. Either way now I'm hooked and after I build one for my wife I'll build my own frame and go for a real Board track look and drop in some real power and shifter kit and who knows maybe run it at the lakes. Also here's a shot of my current Hot Rod project, it's a 29 Ford model A

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    Good looking stuff you got going there. The track roadster is a nice touch. Looks like suicide hung Super Bell axle, split wishbone, track drag link, and a mouse motor. That is some serious cage back there. I love the flat tank bikes, just simple fun. Have fun, Dave

    PS: Make out some business cards for when you go riding that MB everyone will want to know how to get one. You'll have to have a look at the Timeless motorbike dot com.
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    I have about 1500 cards and flyers and based on how many of my neighbors stop it to see what the **** I doing now I better get more. The roadster will have a 406 that put out 487 hp and 508 torque, I plan to go SCCA road racing with it. Also thank s for the tip on the site.
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    I am guessing '64 Impala! I have a Grand National, a B4C/1LE 1992 Camaro, and a 10 second LS1 Camaro. Lots of hot rodders here! Nice bikes!
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    Actually my old chopped 64 f-100 got me the name but I have owned a 64 SS.

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