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    I just acquired two occ choppers that I want to motorize and I would like to use the little 49cc pocket bike engine -- but I have only seen one bike pic with this engine and it was a friction drive, rear wheel. I am more interested in a centrifugal or friction clutch, possibly with a (3-speed?) hub transmission. "james65" posted some pics of his red s-ray occ to this forum which looked like an ideal, simple set-up. Any info I can get from him or anyone else about where I can find that gear will be very much appreciated. James65's set up is similar but not the same as the one SBP offers. Thanx

  2. Anton

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    Hi hotllips! If you like you can contact james65here. You can write on his profile or send him a personal message or just ask this question again in another category on the forum. Give as many details as you can and photos if possible of the kind of motorized bike setup you are interested in.
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    Welcome to the forum, hotlips. A chopper bicycle with a pocket bike engine will be challenging, especially for a first build. Unless you have some fab experience, you may be better off building a beach cruiser with a kit motor. You will be riding much sooner with a simpler plan.