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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by blue 48, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. blue 48

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    hi a guy at work has offered me a tacho/hour meter for 10 bucks!!!! but it came off a 4 stroke honda. so i guess the question is will it work on a 2 stroke? it does have some kind of pulse setting on it (fast/slow).

    i hope itll work any ideas???

  2. Happy Valley

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    These are usually programmable for both firing sequences. I've had good luck with the cheapies I've paid $10 for new when buying ten. The 2 wire type with a ground have a more stable readout. Try it out, it may work fine as is. If not, post a pic and if it's the same as what I have I'll post up the setting sequences.
  3. blue 48

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    i cant post pic yet because my wonderful 2 year old daughter decided to see if my camera was water proof. FAIL lol
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  5. blue 48

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    i like it Al
    just spent $300 on tools today:rolleyes7:
    i tested it and it works (once adjusted the pulse setting )
    its only done 10hrs since new and it cost him $70. i got it for $10

    it shows RPM whilst running then flashes the hours up when not running and then turns off after 2 mins very basic,compact and easy to read/operate:grin5: