How About a MotoredBiking-Vacation?

but it was a brass hammer.

all that's left is cables, wiring, tank...wavy's gotta take of mrs. gravy, so i think he'll finish up next weekend.

we now return to our regularly scheduled programming.
had to fabricate everything on the build, the motor mounts, bore sprocket to hub size, chain length. as any body here can tell ya i have huge arms & fingers & i can barly fit them in the spokes to do the sprocket dealio & everybody gets a good chuckle out of it! weve done so many happytimes here in o.p. but no 2 are the same, these little kits are the best motoredbike learning tool & it should be a right of passage for all to build one !! so stay tuned -same bat time ,same bat channel for the next thrilling episode! mmm my sick mind just flashed on a happytime boat motor, oh my god i think im goin mad!!
this was a fun time...i was blessed with a lot of new technical stuff working right, wavy enjoyed hamming it up for our first "really big shoe"...we think he'll finish up on the trek this weekend.

this camera thing, it's kinda an unexpected free toy i think i can make use of, but i don't expect to ever wow the crowd with my own personal work, and i sure can't come up with one build after another to broadcast. when we have something going on, we'll speak up, we always do :)

when the weather takes a real turn, i'm getting outside and work on the grounds. i'm dying to spend a few nites out there, too, the place has a great feel to it. i'll bring the camera with me, maybe you'll see me get eaten by a bear.

a flakatanakas
some guys by a fire
Photo-0051 (2).jpg

that is all.

Man I'd love to join you all on vacation.

If you folks have a bike for me, I'll bring my twins...Mitsu and Bishi.:devilish:
2 weeks notice...

on friday april 10th, rif addams (uncle_punk13) is coming down from tacoma to have a look around the new digs...staying 'til sunday AM.

this means saturday the 11th is all about the ride, that's it, yeah...the ride :whistle:

we always "ride" when rif's here:

there's plenty of room for anyone who can make it :cool:

EDIT: wavygravy is gonna come by tomorrow morning (sat, 28th) to finish the trek/HT...
he sed he'll start sometime between 10am & noon.
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Wow, that was fun time trippin' back to the first rides/rallys!
So anyway, I'm lookin' at this as our spring opener and the inaugural for the P.N.W. M/B Center! I'd love to see as many of my new and old friends there if'n y'all can make it. No big planned event, no big whoop- just run whatch ya brung and real relaxed like... BBQ, Coffee, Bikes, and a place to rest yer head. I'm bringing my road gear- pup tent, bedroll, etc. The stuff I load up and ride all over the country with. Oh and Black Sunshine of course!
See y'all there!!!


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friday nite, i'm gettin' pretty, let's fire up the shopcam & chat :cool: