How about an Electric Bike Discussion?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by boyntonstu, Jan 21, 2015.

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    Tiny wheels, but I would buy it for $75.
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    It looks like 20" wheels that I like.

    Mopeds have 12"-16" wheels.

    Why do you consider 20" wheels tiny?

    20" bicycle wheels have many impressive records.
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    I don't think the wheels in the EBay post are 20 inch, but the seller provides no details.
    I would consider 16" and smaller to be tiny. I would still use the tiny wheels in a DIY reverse trike.
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    My delta trike has 16" wheels in the rear:

    Stu Trike cropped.jpg
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    I seem to remember this thread advocating the benefits of 20" bicycle wheels. Perhaps you may not have seen this picture, so I scalped it from the other forum group. It's a nice bike and I learn a lot from looking at it.

    Russian motorbike.jpg

    This is the late 80's mid 90's Russian motor copied by China. It appears to have the Russian equivalent of 20 inch tires. If China had faithfully copied this bike, adding the stronger 66cc instead of the Russian 33cc engine; today it probably would be for sale at Walmart between the tricycles and the toothpaste.
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    Cute toy, dandy for Grandma to ride around the corner to the Pharmacy for her Meds.
    Maybe for a chick on a college campus to get around, college babes look good on anything ;-}

    I just find it a really big waste of potential performance to not use bike hub gears on a motor with a right side clockwise output.

    I mean come on, it's a bicycle, it is already designed to help our legs get us going to speed and not wear us out with gears so we can ride in the 'sweet spot' of effort we can do.

    An electric motor and battery are no different.
    They both have a 'sweet spot' too.

    I haven't done a hub motor or a direct drive electric but I've done several electric 2 and 3 wheelers and they are all shifters.

    Some are simple...



    Some a bit more complex...


    And some with just outrageously cool performance...



    The big investment is in the battery, then a controller to handle the max battery power, and finally a motor that take what the max power the controller can give it.

    Unless you are going into the $1,000 battery range (Lance Armstrongs Doping) like those last 2 examples you don't have a lot of sustained power to work with, much like your un-doped legs can do before they get tired.

    Gears let you keeping your 'electric legs' in their sweet spot and why I don't direct drive electrics.