How about this old one ??

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by Esteban, Sep 25, 2009.

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    "This is a private auction. Sign in to view your status or learn more about private listings."

    Could you maybe take a screen-shot and link to that somewhere? The rest of us don't want to have to register an account on eBay.UK just to see it.

    (I have an account on [USA] and apparently that doesn't qualify)
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    Hmmmm. The link opens up to the auction, that has ended, & I can scroll down & see the pix of it.
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    Here is a copied pix of it. Berini " Egg " motor .

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    It would not show me at all....
    Now it says auction is ended, but still says "private auction".


    I do see the pic you posted.
    I have to admit, I don't like the way these setups look, but they do make a lot of sense from a technical standpoint. I tend to think that the "ideal" gas-engine bicycle motor kit--that is,,, the one that would fit on the most bicycles with the least hassles--would be one that uses a front-mount engine like this, on a special pair of wide forks, that a rear wheel could be fitted to. They could drive the front 'rear' wheel on the right-hand side, using a single-speed freewheel hub, and the engine wouldn't cause any drag on normal pedaling of the bicycle.
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    Motorized bikes have been around in Europe for many years. Mainly as a form of economical transportation after WWII . There are many variations & many of the older ones are as good as what we are buying, today. A Rex Hilfsmotor [ German for help-motor ] is something like what you are describing. Plenty of other bikes linked on the right side of this page. Here is a pix;
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    it didn't sell reserve to high.i am glad as i sold one on a purpose built bike but needing restoration for a lot less.
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    that is a neat motor and the setup can't be any simpler.

    But beware of one thing; front wheel drive on a bicycle takes some getting used to.

    Still, it can be done.
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    The Rex reminds me of a GEBE, except for front wheel drive.