How about using a coaster brake hub for a jackshaft/roller??

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by professor, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. professor

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    I have a real nice but old Toro (made in Japan) wacker, doesn't have the 76mm clutch. Wacker does have pull start opposite side.
    Could make a stub off the flywheel for a v belt to drive the coaster hub (w/ another pulley welded to the drive sprocket). This way, the hub bearings would carry the load + it would coast when you let off + the hub size is generous for a better grip.
    I would make the roller pivot on a holder like a swing arm with a idler pulley for a clutch.
    How does this sound?

  2. AussieJester

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    Sounds good get too it! Make that hub a 3 speed and you could have your driveline geared ...

  3. professor

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    Well, Kim we are totally into winter here (one and a half months down & 3 and a half to go).
    The blizzard Thursday left us with some snow still on the side roads and it was 38 degrees today, so I went for a pedal ride. Am finishing up the gas/alternator powered E-bike. I want my garage to keep the car in NOW - the next bike project waits for April.
    But I AM thinking about it. Ultimately, I would like 3 motored bikes- the E-bike and 2 covert bikes (a roller drive and a HT). Like tractors- you can't have just one!

    A luxury I have is a semi- heated garage to keep both cars inside during the worst weather.
    I thought about using a 3 speed hub, but the rpm would be way out of range of design. It might work, but those little gears will be flying, don't remember if there is a little oil cap on the diameter also.

    By the way- your craftsmanship is outstanding!
  4. AussieJester

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    ... its just hit 38 CELCIUS (~101F) here today too LoL its only 12.30 the worse is yet too come be over 40 by 3pm if we dont get the seabreeze come in

    Cheers mate