How can I bend 1" steel tube

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by james65, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I an looking at modifying a frame to build a BTR type frame. The tube is 1" OD .058 wall. I am thinking of a 7" radius. To purchase a manderal would be to expensive for a onetime use. I never had much luch with the sand fill method. I would be greatful for any ideas.

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    What is the final angle of the piece of pipe going to be , assuming the 7inch radius is at the bend point??..I figure you are using round not square tubing...will you be bending a piece of tubing you have cut off the original bike ??
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    A Steel suply Shop should have a bender for a small fe could get it bent
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    It would be aprox 260 deg it is dom steel tube.
  5. james65

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    Bending 1" OD tubing

    I just measured an old cast iron 3/4" EMT bender. It starts out a 1.030" and ends up at 0.960. It is to big to fit in my lathe so I will attempt to take a file to it to open it up to 1.020.

    If so I can bend the tubing using it the way the tool was designed or perhaps build a backer and use it in a manderal type setup.