how can i get the maximum power out of my bike?

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    hey i have been into motorized bikes for quite some time but i got a motorcycle licence and didn't care about bicycles but now i have become interested in them again and want to get the maximum power out of my bike because all my friends have these bikes and i want mine to be the fastest.

    so far i have bought an expansion chamber and cut out all the baffles to make it a true expansion chamber then i removed the factory base gasket and put in a smaller one for more compression and shaved down the intake skirt a little on my piston for more air and fuel flow. i dont really know what else i can do except buy the high performance carb and the smaller sprocket i have maxed out my engine drag racing my friends to the point it was going to blow it sounded like the engine was full of rocks so i dont really think it can rev out any higher so i just want more torque i guess off the line but still keeping the top speed any suggestions?

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    For more torque, you could fab a reed valve setup, adapted from a chain saw. Search the site for reed valve and see what other members have done.