Exhaust How can I reduce the exhaust noise?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Stink Bike, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Stink Bike

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    Does anyone have anu suggestions on how I can reduced the noise level of the exhaust on my Chinese 66cc motor?


  2. davidsis

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    Try putting steel wool inside the muffler a little at a time untill noise level that you like is achieved.
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    lol skyliner, i use fiber glass sheets, remember to make it rolled up and NOT forced in, or your bike will top out like its choked :)
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    Thanks for the link. Very informative.
  7. fetor56

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    Nice article kerf,thanks.
    With the exhaust u could try putting stainless steel wool in there but i have my doubts weather it would work.
    If u have the money i bet this Grubee one would be quieter,plus like kerf's article sayes "Longer pipes do, of course, help a bit."..."a little bit of jet assist is also realized."
  8. Stink Bike

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    They keep melting

    I tried using earplugs but they keep melting.I think I might try steel wool.:smile:
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  10. I'd like to see somebody plumb a car muffler into the system....should be very quiet and not hamper exhaust flow since a car muffler is designed to flow enough for a car engine...try it you might like it! ;-)

  11. Bean Oil

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    That'd look good; a Flowmaster or a Walker Dynamax Chrysler Hemi style muffler hanging off the side of the bike... not. :p


    Nice try, though.

    I'm going to modify a 50cc chamber by adding some middle volume, then make a ginormous glass-pack stinger silencer... bbbrrraaaaaaaap! ...but a little quieter than you'd think.

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    The car muffler idea has merit(provided it's physically compatable)
    I know it's not the same but a friend tried 20 different motorbike mufflers for his 750cc trail bike and eventually settled on a car muffler.He said it sounded the best and gave the most power...looks good to,with strengthening modifications.
  13. highwayman

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    I wonder how a Briggs muffler would work? I have a Yamaha Riva scooter that the muffler fell off and I had planned to use one, but the exhaust manifold pipe also fell off, so now I have to tap out the bolts somehow and rig up something new. A new muffler costs $295.00. Briggs - $5

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  14. kerf

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    I tried that once, not much in the way of quite.
  15. Stink Bike

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    Would a lawn mower muffler work?

  16. The airplane muffler described on that web site is the same type of muffler (or silencer) used on motocross motorcycles. Plenty of old mufflers available on ebay for about $30. The packing used is fiberglass wool/matte, not cloth. Exhaust on this type of muffler is not designed to flow through the packing. Careful with the steel wool idea. If you have steele wool or any other packing in a muffler that is designed for exhaust to flow through the area you are packing it will clog up and restrict in no time, especially if you have a 2stroke (tons of oil in the exhaust).
  17. cooltoy

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    I tried holding one of those lawnmower mufflers to the end of my pipe on my Kings china motor and found that it did nothing. All it is made for is to stop sparks from flying out.How can some thing the size of half a pop can help, it's not magic.
  18. I wonder if you take some automotive pipe with the inside diameter fitting the body of bike muffler then move that pipe in and out until you have the desired sound then tack that puppy on.
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    Maybe you could go to the pawn shop and weld a trombone on the muffler and play motorized bicycle songs as you drove down the rode.
  20. That would rule all.