How can this system maintain solvency?

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    In a different way, house prices in Australia keep escalating out of control; climbing the biblical tower of Babel; looking very likely to reach all the way to heaven, yet, people in Australia are losing their jobs left right and centre as small businesses bite the dust in record quantity; shutting up shop for good. If that's not bad enough, more and more large companies are going under or closing up shop in Australia and moving overseas.

    How long can this Ponzi scheme keep going, with the Australian government telling the people that the economy is booming and the envy of the world; an unsinkable ship in the economic storm of world finance.

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    Sounds like what we went through.The bubble will burst, then the real problems arise, how can you tax homeless people?When governess means "keep your job at all costs" instead of "do what's right by the people you work for" the slope is the same, so basically a few decades and we'll both be seeing revolution.