Safety How can we make cagers safer?

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  1. Stan4d

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    Since I got into Motoredbikes, I have found that I am more observant of two-wheeled vehicles. Wheather they have motors or not. When there are others in the car and they ask why I am riding so far to the left or why I am waiting for the bike to pass I explain to them the bicyclist point of view. Does this happen with everyone? How can we get other cagers to be more observent...(other than stapping them to a bike for a forced ride through rush hour traffic)?

  2. Gh0stRider

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    People in cars disrespect and ignore others in cars, so when they cut me off or pull out in front of me when I am riding my motorcycle I don't take it as anything but typical ignorance.

    However, when riding a bicycle or motorized bicycle, some of the things drivers do seems purposely malicious. Like when cars pass within a foot of you, or when they blow their horn right next to you, causing you to almost lose control from the little surprise.
  3. Elmo

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    Use a law rocket. Just kidding.
  4. Stan4d

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    Well, all have had thoughts on how it is, but the question is: How can we change that?
    Is it through bumperstickers, getting to know the cagers or becoming politicaly involved in our communities?
  5. Stan4d

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    It is no longer a LAW rocket. They have changed the moniker to allow for bunker or anti personell use, that being can we change the perception of the Cagers?
  6. happycheapskate

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    I say, all three!

    Someone ran a yield sign by my house, deliberately running me out of my lane, and raced me, still failing to yield. I know where they live, 5 houses down, and I have been trying to think of how to communicate with a vehicular manslaughterer in a friendly way.

    I tried ziptying a toy motorcycle to the yield sign as a reminder, and they stole it too.

    re: Ghostrider. I know what you mean about the car drivers not caring about playing with death. I drive a diesel truck for a living. I drive 70mph and they cut in front of me and slam their brakes. One guy cut me off getting onto the highway, nearly running into the fuel tank, instead of just going behind the truck. Then he slammed his brakes to a dead stop, got out and yelled, "WHAT IS YOUR F'G PROBLEM?" He was the problem, so I prepared to go around him or ram him if he drew a weapon. He moved. This is why traffic stalls on the freeways every morning; people drive like insects.

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  7. Jax Rhapsody

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    Best thing I can say is to make notice. Do more than the cities do about bike awareness. My rule of thumb is treat bikes like you'd treat a motorcycle. Maybe we should start tossing bikes at cars, I mean a bike will **** a car up if it gets under it.
  8. happycheapskate

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    Thats called Critical Mass. So far it is only making things worse.

    Mom with kids runs over a cyclist in hit and run incident, then when stopped by a citizens arrest, parks on a motorists foot.

    Americans love the "us vs. them" mentality. We are drivers too, often many of us car drivers, but hopefully not "cagers". We need more "us", not more battles. We lose.

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  9. Slackbiker

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    I don't see any hope for better motorists. Just be as visible and/or evasive as possible. Just be happy that "they" annoy, harrass, maim, kill far more of each other than bicyclists.
  10. happycheapskate

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    I do. I think several things must be considered to substantially enhance the lives of cyclists: foreign dilution of a country does not contribute to its traffic culture.
    Laws that are not enforced contribute to driver insolence.
    Technological advances provide for new distractions. (including cyclists with phones, gps, and Ipods)
    Cyclists are typically not as clearly visible or recognizable as other vehicles and may behave unpredictably or there may be confusion about motorcyclist behavior and signals.
    There is visible animosity between "classes" of driver, such as Trucker and Car Driver or Car Driver and Police, or Car Driver and Bicyclist.

    All of these things are being addressed, with varying degrees of public interest and success in public policy or legislation.

    In USA, bicycles were once the king of the road, a royal pastime and the workers salvation in the days of drawn carriages and early electric cars. (Yep, you might have thought those were new!)
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  12. Kraazy

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    Ever seen the damage a 230lb guy does to a car when it hits him? I know... Buick Century Custom vs Me.

    Broken front windshield
    Hood smashed

    I about wet myself from laughing so hard.

    Long story, but I didn't get hurt, the car was a different story. When I'm walking in parking lots, I always think to myself...try it car you will get more hurt than me most likely. Someday I'm sure I'll end up paying for this when I lose haha.
  13. machiasmort

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    I actually like the lynch mob mentality... The Cops sit and watch while these idiots drive like fools... They only concern themselves with stickers and radar guns, an occasional cell phone or seatbelt... Tailgaters, right hand lane passers and swervers are free to go...

    I think you are being much too kind... I say strap them to a skateboard (helmet optional) and take them for a ride on the back of one of our bikes durring rushhour!
  14. happycheapskate

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    re: Kraazy. Sounds like you are lucky you went over the grille easy enough and the safety glass took most of your impact. Glad you are ok.

    Parking lots are probably the most dangerous place in America to walk, because people are so **** impatient, don't know how to back up their SUVS (Selfish Urban Vanity), and are usually talking on the phone and slapping their kids while speeding through the lot.

    I suggest if you walk in dark lots to carry a bright flashlight. LED flashlights are cheaper than ever now. $20 will get you a nice one even at Wongmart, and Brinkmann and Garrity make good $3 3aaa mini flashlights: I got 10 for $10 with batteries, at home depot.
  15. Kraazy

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    I live in a very small populated area. Normally you never have to worry so I am lucky. I got hit by a friend actually. I thought he was going to stop, and he figured I would move. That was something like 3 years ago actually. That was the very short story!
  16. retromike3

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    critical mass a mistake

    Why do you think that it is a unusual thing when you take a group 140 pound objects and willfully go and **** off folks in three ton objects? I also could hear the group reciting license plate numbers while the whole thing is going on. To me its like taking down the serial numbers on the guns of people while they are pointing them at you. Its a bad concept to begin with.

    I used to live in Portland OR and I remember having to ride past a group of Critical Mass riders in Portland (one of the most bike friendly cites in the country) and it kind of made me angry and I was on a bicycle. These self righteous bozos are not going to convince anyone but themselves that bicycles are a better way to go. Chances are that they would try to attack you because your riding a evil internal combustion vehicle.

    the problem is once you reach critical mass you get an explosion and thats what they wanted and guess what? it blew up in their face.

    Mike Frye
  17. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    I agree: C.M. has done terrible damage, and made many other peaceful bike rides and silent protests unimaginable because the police and drivers will expect the participants are "bozos".

    I love my car. I love gasoline engines. I love pushing one pedal to haul home 300# worth of groceries. But I also enjoy my bikes (gas or not), and I gladly wait or go around a bicycle. The only ones I get mad at are the ones who run the wrong way on the street like idiots, or people who ride in the dark with no lights and do unpredictable stuff.
  18. happycheapskate

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    I think it was a small peaceful group a few years ago that rode in the NW USA, on bicycles with large rectangles made of 2x4's hung from their shoulders like backpacks. It was supposed to demonstrate that bikes get a lane just like cars, but actually take up a lot less space and could let people by or group up as well.
  19. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    I think I'm going to wear a neon shirt that says "I love my car" so maybe drivers will have sympathetic thoughts instead of "f'n bicycle".

    If any of you are near Dallas and want to make a funny MB/bike promotional PSA, let me know. I don't have a camera, but I have some ideas.
  20. machiasmort

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    Happy, that vid of the bird brings back memories of about four years ago... I lived in the country and played harmonica a lot to pass the time while enjoying a beer at the end of the day...

    We have mocking birds that fly north in the summer and they are excellent repeaters. This little bird would drive me nuts. He had the ring to my phone down solid... He'd wait till he seen me outside and make me walk back in. Can't tell you how many times he got me and I knew he was there!

    Anyway, one of the first songs I learned was "Dixie" and this bird had, (And I wish I was in Dixie, ho-ray, ho-ray) too a TEE, clear as a bell... I actually taught him after hearing him repeat a few notes.

    He came back year after year for about three years and then no more... The last year I seen him, he had an ambulance siren down pat from where he must have lived in the winter..