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Dave FZ1000

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Feb 6, 2018
I want to know how you found this place. It would be really helpful to know what is working and what isn't.

Found you in an search. Here's my first post:

Happened to find the site and a thread in an Internet search, was curious about the Z4C spark plug installed in my second hand Motorized bike. Liked the thread, thought I'd join. Don't know why, but really like the motorized bikes, and Chinese Engines. My buddy helped my get mine running, then lost the split washer from the carburetor for me. So, I bought another carburetor. Got to find it again and get it installed, then fix my front brake. That might be all I need, but want to make a few upgrades. Got the new combo clutch lever to install, Noticed I have a switch for a brake light, so should use that for something. Don't like my kick strand, seems like it'll fall over. It's an adjustable kick stand, but it's in the fully extended position, not long enough. Got another at a second hand store cheap, of course it's the same size. lol Well, guess I'll be searching through your threads for an hour or so. Later...