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How I got here

I was contacted by Nogoodnic, and also I think by Augi. I however, have stayed away from "open Forums" where topic of discussions like "where can I find the cheapest kit" and other chatter negative to a good business with real service to offer abounds. I therefore stayed away from here for quite a long time.

I run a good clean business, and have built somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 Motorbicycles, and have just licensed Solano County Choppers to build the Simpson Model 10, as an Xcelsior (this is a NEW unreleased model of the droploop, 3" lower, and 9 degrees more rake, with forward rockers). I will still be selling kits, and building, but he will be in production, currently in 5 colors. This is a big step, and may send High Quality Motorbicycles into markets we have not touched, this, to me, is very exciting.

There is a strange phenomanum (spelled that one wrong!!!) in intenet chat sites where they grow, sometimes very quickly, run a while, and then stagnate, then some times the owner, or moderator will either lose interest or die, and the group gets filled with spam. This happened to Kings site, Steve Millers site, and a couple of others. I hope not here, multiple moderators is a very good idea.

So I am now here and hope to help others with some aspects of repair, design and building, but I've got to admit, that after over 7 years of hearing the same newbie complaints, comments, and failures, that many times I will lurk, and let others answer those questions. I am always more than happy to help, if help is truly needed.


insightful and honest, that's how i like it, mike.

well, we try hard here to make every genre, style, & preference welcome, & we feel that's what led to our growth...personally i love being able to see it all at a glance & i like learning how to apply what works no matter my personal style. i lurk a couple of areas here because i just don't have anything worthwhile to add, but i sure do like reading the stuff. i know a lot more about guitars than i ever did before ;)

to me, it isn't worth my time to criticize another sub-genre when i can be enjoying everything else MBc has to offer. i have high hopes for the positive influence this (unified) group could wield someday. we've seen a coupla small examples of that already.

the collecting of technical info is my own personal mission, i dig doing something worth my time, and i know in my own way i've finally "made my mark." also, i truly enjoy inspiring young boys to think outside the ever-smaller box they live in...that's why MBc will always be entirely kid-safe.

rubbing elbows with people who have the experience and enthusiasm for "serious projects" and respect the legacy of our "hobby", like yourself, is icing on the cake :)

most of the strife we see here seems to be centered on the shady side of the "happy time" industry and not on guys (like you) who do what they say. there's an economic issue here, for me, and that is that the chinese frame kit is the most affordable & reliable (or at least it's fun to fix) for my money. doesn't mean i don't aspire to some mad mods when i get the chance, & i'd love to have the chance to build a true replica, i'd dig deep to find something really cool 8)


I was really interested in hotrodding my car but I couldn't even afford to think about it. :LOL:

I was looking at enduros and small motorcycles as a gear head alternative to cars.

Then one day I thought to myself, wouldn't an engine in a bicycle get really awesome miles to the gallon, and there is no doubt it would be fun to drive.

So when I got a chance I poked around the internet looking for something like a motoredbike, and now I'm here. :D

Jim H

I had purchased a motor from Kings and had questions as the instructions were vague and started going nuts looking for info and finally thought surely there must be a forum for this, found motoredbikes and steadily trudged my happy journey to here.


I was looking for info on a future project in another forum. Hive was there and suggested I might find answers here. I not only found answers, I found questions I didn't know enough to ask. Good ***t!


I think if I had asked Duane at That's Dax one more question, he might have blocked my e-mail address;) Just kidding. His answer to my questions was "go to MBc".


i did a search of "motorized bikes forum" and came up first page. meta tags working well:)